Review | BH Cosmetics Enhancing Eyes Palette for Brown Eyes

BH Cosmetics Enhancing Eyes Palette

Here is something I don’t talk about enough: eyeshadows. No matter how many times I say I’m going to push myself out of my neutral comfort zone, I always fall back into using light pinks and browns. Maybe that’s why instead of focusing on the new Rose Nudes palette like I said I would I ended up using the BH Cosmetics Enhancing Eyes Palette for brown eyes palette all week. That and and all my outfits fit this palette better.

I bought this palette back in August for $7 on the BH Cosmetics website and maybe used it once.  While reorganizing my makeup recently I decided to use it more and just my luck, every outfit I picked this week called for purples, golds, and golden browns.

BH Cosmetics Enhancing Eyes Palette

As hesitant as I was to buy this, the packaging definitely helped. It is a white case with silver peacock feathers, a mirror inside that runs the length of the case, and two double-ended sponge applicators inside.

If anyone knows what to call this silver that turns into other colors when you angle it, leave a comment please. I can not remember the word!

BH Cosmetics Enhancing Eyes Palette

It contains 12 shadows, each named as follows: Shell, Tender Spark, Fawn, Mink Wink, So Luxurious, Sienna, Socialite, Amethyst, Mulberry, Mysterious, Gunsmoke, Blackheart. Each eyeshadow is 1.3g, a tad less than a MAC eyeshadow for comparison.

BH Cosmetics Enhancing Eyes Palette

For some reason I expected it to be bigger, I was thinking Naked sized but it is quite compact. Maybe this picture of me holding it will give you an idea about the size. The pans are just big enough to fit in a regular eyeshadow brush.

The shades are mostly purples and brown-golds with a steel gray and a black for depth. To be honest, I don’t know that they have enhanced my brown eyes or made them pop in any way but they sure are pretty. (You can tell I like to use Blackheart to set my waterline.)

BH Cosmetics Enhancing Eyes Palette

I would not say that these are very pigmented, these swatches were one or two swipes each. On a scale from one (being sheer) to ten (being opaque), I think these would be about a seven. For my taste, I had to build these up a little because one swipe gave me a wash of color and a second swipe gave me a soft look. Even when I used Gunsmoke for dimension and a bit of smoke, it was still a soft look.

They are very soft and buttery and they’re alright as far as blending. However, these have amazing staying power. I’m talking 12 plus hours, when I leave my house to when I come home, to when I fell asleep with a migraine and my makeup still on a few nights ago. I wear them over my E.L.F. eye primer with no problem, no creasing, no fading. I was astounded.

Overall, this is a pretty and nice palette but not a must-have in my book. The shades are just soft enough to get me out of my comfort zone but not in a dramatic way, and for $7 I’d say it was a good buy. If you’ve tried it, let me know what you think!

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4 thoughts on “Review | BH Cosmetics Enhancing Eyes Palette for Brown Eyes

  1. I really want to try this pallet and you gave a really good review that really helped me! I will defiantly be checking out more of your posts and following you. Maybe you could take the time to check out my blog as it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
    Olivia xox

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