Review | Elizabeth Mott Queen of the Fill

Elizabeth Mott Queen of the Fill

This month, more than previous months, I am challenging myself to shop my stash more. In previous months I was buying so many new things and trying them as I bought them so this month I’m trying to properly use said products. One of them is this tinted eyebrow gel that I will share with you today and with which I have an on-and-off relationship with.

The Elizabeth Mott Queen of the Fill Tinted Eyebrow Gel came in my September Ipsy bag and since then you would think that I would have used it up. Not the case. One day I liked it, one day I hated it, several days I didn’t bother with it, and this weekend I forced myself to give it another try.

Elizabeth Mott Queen of the Fill

I haven’t tried other tinted brow gels but I assume they all have similar packaging that resembles a mascara tube. This one is black, thin, not very special. I put an Estée Lauder lipstick next to it for reference. This is a full size tube and retails for $20. Not only am I not sold on the name but the price tag isn’t winning me over either. Still, I really want to like this product. I have been curious about similar products but haven’t been convinced by any of them.

Elizabeth Mott Queen of the Fill

The brush is quite small, tapered, and brings a lot of product with it. Just like mascara, I scrape of the excess on the bottle. (At $20 a tube I am not wasting a bit of this.) And I think you do have to scrape it off or you’ll end up with a glob of gel in one part of the brow and then trying to comb it out. And then you, or at least I, still get dark and thick power brow-like brows which I am so not into.

And it’s… gray?

The gel is a very cool toned, dark gray, meanwhile I have dark brown hair. So how did this tinted eyebrow gel work out for me? I’ll try my best to explain but remember this is my first product of the kind.

Elizabeth Mott Queen of the Fill

Personally, I would have preferred a brush more like a mascara wand or a spoolie. I think those do a much better job of applying and spreading product while coming your brows into shape. I don’t feel like I have a lot of control with this brush and it takes me longer to apply. Secondly it is true to its name: fill. This is definitely best to fill in eyebrows and not to give them a shape like you would with a pencil or even with the other tinted gels that use a small brush. I like to use a pencil to give me eyebrow a little definition and I can’t do that with this. As for the color, it made my brows look ashy and unnatural with the gray tint. They didn’t look horrible but it just didn’t look right. On the positive side, it kept my brows in place all day!

I know it sounds like I hate this product but I don’t. I think this could be a much better product, maybe if I had a shade that matched me better that would be a good start, but that brush! Maybe I like the idea of it more than the thing itself.

If you’ve tried it, let me know and any tips or tricks are welcome.

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