November IPSY Bag + Rant!

November 2015 Ipsy bag

Surely I must be the last person to receive their IPSY Glam Bag this month and here it is! I’m not sure where to even begin with this month’s disappointment. Yes, disappointment and in multiple ways. 

November 2015 Ipsy bag

The two products that jumped out of the bag first were these two. The Borghese Fango Delicato Active Mud for Delicate Dry Skin and based on the full size price per milliliters this sample is worth $4.20.

Ummm, I don’t have dry or delicate skin IPSY…

The other sample tube is the Tucker Ashley Perfecting Moisturizer worth $5. I’ve never heard of this brand but it looks useful and I really like the simple, straight forward name.

November 2015 Ipsy bag

I think everyone received a sample of the Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara worth $5.25. Once again based on the full size price per milliliter. I have hopes for this!

Next to it is the Trestique Mini Matt Lip Crayon in Chile Red and when I first saw it I thought the cap was missing. It wasn’t easy finding the full size and price but somewhere I saw a value estimate of $10.66.

The fifth item in my bag this month was the INSPR  Beauty Angle Liner Brush, this is full size and worth $10. Finally, IPSY sent me a brush! I don’t use these brushes much and I saw other people get much more useful brushes but at least I finally got a brush!

November 2015 Ipsy bag

The bag itself is gorgeous! It literally reflects this month’s theme and unlike previous bags it isn’t stiff or hard and I kind of like that.

The overall value of this month’s bag, give or take, is $35.11. Now, I am very disappointed in this month’s bag but then I remind myself that it is not so bad as they did tell me I probably was not getting the items I was supposed to. They told me that in each of the two e-mails regarding my missing November bag.

But wait, why is that? That is because my first bag was “Undeliverable” and when I asked them why they didn’t tell me. I thought maybe it was because I moved but I know I changed my address (on October 31st if not sooner). To which IPSY replied that addresses need to be changed before the 1st of the next billing/bag period. Ummm, I did and I told them and they never replied. But they were sending me another bag with whatever items they had left, which eleven days later still had not arrived so I contacted them again. Eventually a bag arrived, at my old address even though my new address was made very clear in the first e-mail.

Basically and for lack of a better word, IPSY is pissing me off this month. I hope your bag was better though!

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