Review | BH Cosmetics #11 Highlighter Brush

BH Cosmetics #11 brush

Where has time gone? My nine day Thanksgiving weekend is over and tomorrow it’s December! But before the calendar hits December and I put up my November favorites, I must tell you about a brush I have been using since it arrived on my doorstep. Let’s go!

Although this brush appeared in yesterday’s posted haul, I’ve had it for over a week and I just posted the haul pretty late. Woops.

BH Cosmetics #11 brush

This is the BH Cosmetics #11 Highlighter Brush and it costs $3.50 on their website. (It’s actually listed as “Brush 11 – Highlighter Brush“.) I added this to my order last minute and thought it would be nice to have a brush meant for highlighting. Until now I have been using the $3 E.L.F. Fan Brush which is OK but it does not work with all highlighters.

This #11 brush is round, domed, not too dense, fluffy and soft. Not bunny rabbit soft but decently soft.

BH Cosmetics #11 brush

The density plus the angle of the dome really help it pick up product, even in the most tightly packed powders I own. For example, my Wet N Wild Reserve Your Cabana is a bit of a challenge for my fan brush and it barely picks up any product. As you can see above, that is no problem for #11.

BH Cosmetics #11 brush

As for application and blending, wonderful. I have been testing it with one of my more in-your-face highlighters and I think it does a lovely job on my cheeks, on my nose, even underneath my brows.

Since I just got this I can’t speak for it’s lifespan or tendency to shed, but it feels decent and I’m not worried about it falling apart anytime soon. I have no complaints about this brush and would definitely recommend it to someone looking for a highlighter brush.

Bis gleich and don’t forget to follow! (Instagram: @moscatoandmascara)

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