The Best Way To Apply Falsies!

wet n wild false lashes

Greetings from Palm Springs! I am in my hometown, in the middle of my holiday break, but I had had had to share this with you!

With New Year’s Eve coming up, and my lashes being utterly uncooperative, it is false lash season. I have been trying to use falsies more in the last couple of months, practicing on weekends to speed up the process and eventually put them on easy-peasy. Continue reading

Review | Physician’s Formula CC Curl + Care Mascra

Physician's Formula CC Mascra

It seems that I cannot catch a break when it comes to mascara lately and I was hoping this one would turn things around. Even though I picked it up on accident, I meant to go for the green tube, when I opened it and saw the wand I became giddy. After two weeks of use, I think I can offer a good review. Read on! Continue reading

December Ipsy Glam Bag

December Ipsy Bag

If you didn’t see my post about my November Ipsy Glam Bag, here is a short recap: Strrrrrike one! Thankfully this month’s bag looks quite promising and it seems that Ipsy is in the giving mood as four out of the five products this month are full size! Dig in ya’ll!

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This Week At The Drugstore

drugstore 12-20

Can anyone believe we are just days away from Christmas? I only need to survive three days at of work this week and then the company closes until New Years so 11 day weekend here I come! Hence, I may not post as much or at all during those days as I will be in my hometown relaxing, seeing old friends, and probably be wearing shorts and a t-shirt. California amirite? But first, my Sunday post. Spoiler: great week for mall sales. Continue reading

Review | BH Cosmetics Pink Perfection Blush Palette

BH Cosmetics Pink Perfection Blush Palette

Blush palettes are wonderful little things aren’t they? They are compact, provide a range of cheek look options, and give you multiple products for about the price of one or two. Sometimes they even come with a free brush and the proceeds go to a good cause, like this BH Cosmetics Pink Perfection Blush Palette. Continue reading

Review | Up & Up Complexion Brush

Up & Up Complexion Brush

As of late I have focused a little less on growing my makeup collection and a little more on growing my brush collection. I have also been looking for a tidier and faster way to apply to apply liquid foundation. Combine the two, and I hunted down this foundation brush and I do not want to put it down. Continue reading

Review | Profusion Studio Highlight Palette

Profusion Studio Highlight Palette

If you asked me a year ago what a highlighter was I would have handed you a pink marker out of my bag. If you asked me about Profusion Cosmetics, I would have said they were the crappy make up brand that inundates the drugstore right around this time of year. This product, and this post, are a testament to how much things can change in a year. For the better.

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This Week At The Drugstore

drugstore 12-13

More like the last three weeks at the drugstore? Lately not much has caught my eye, or maybe I haven’t wandered the drugstores as I used to, or maybe the fact that I have been funneling my funds toward a winter wardrobe contributes to my lack of shopping. At least “This Week At The Drugstore” is back, and it’s a good one.

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Review | Essence I Love Extreme Volume Mascara

Essence I Love Extreme Volume Mascara

It seems I unintentionally made it mascara week but that is what happens when your mascara craps out on you and you are scrambling to find a new one. Recently my beloved Manhattan mascara dried up out of nowhere forcing me to find a new mascara, in the middle of the week. Well the IT Cosmetics mascara was a fail, on to Essence and hopefully better luck. Continue reading

Review | IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes

IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes

Here is something different for my blog: a high end product. Nothing against high end products but I’m more of a drugstore girl and when I received an IT Cosmetics product in my IPSY bag a while back, I was a little excited. Adding to that excitement was the fact that the product was a mascara! But was my excitement warranted? Continue reading