November Favorites

November Favorites

As I sit here and write about my favorite products from the month of November I realize we have one month left in the year. I don’t want to think about it so how about we just begin.

November faves-2

Starting with blush. The two blushes I enjoyed most in November were the RL de Young Mono Rouge in Rose Wood and the Maybelline Master Hi-Light in Mauve. The Mono Rouge is perfect for an everyday autumn look with no frills. The Maybelline blush packs a little more punch and is more for days you want a little more oomph. Sometimes I like to look at the swatches just because I think it is stunning.

November faves-3

Another blush I really enjoyed was the BH Cosmetics Floral Blush Duo in Iris. If you want rich color and pigmentation, this is it.  Like I mentioned in my review, the moment I opened it I liked the color and I am just so glad this turned out to be a good product. Since my review I have tried the blush/highlighter on the other side and I find it pigmented and buttery but powdery. Definitely a blush topper or blush for fair skin because as a highlighter the pink tone kind of made my nose look sunburned.

Also pictured and also from BH Cosmetics is their #11 Highlighter Brush which I reviewed earlier this week. I am so happy that I bought this on it’s own rather than hoping to find a good highlighter brush in a set. For $3.50 there is not much to lose and so much glow to gain!

November faves-4

Onto lips. On the left is Wet  N Wild’s Megalast Lipstick in Bare It All. Weeks ago Brianna from OnlineBeautyFinds told me this is a drugstore dupe for MAC’s Teddy so I ran out and bought it and have been loving it ever since. It has the typical Megalast formula but creamier and goes perfect with bolder eye looks.

On the right is an Esteé Lauder lipstick in Bois de Rose, it was given to me by a friend a while back. It is a mauve-rose color that allows me to wear pink lipstick in the fall, plus the formula is amazing! It goes on so smooth, dare I say like butter.

November faves-5

But my favorite lip product of the month is the Me Now Generation II Long Lasting Lipgloss in the shade 33. It picked u a little light on camera but in person it is darker, a little more vampy, a little more true to the packaging. This is just the dark red I was looking for and it was about $1 on eBay. I really want to wear this every single day.

November faves-6

Is it any surprise I’m including the Milani Stay Put Brow Color? For the longest time I stayed away from these brow pomade types and saying “I’m not into power brows!” Well dear self, power brows are optional and you can use this however you want. I love using this to give my brows definition and it’s perfect for faking clean lines when you haven’t waxed your brows in a while…

Next to it is my Manhattan Wake Up Concealer which I had forgotten about but rediscovered this month. I need to ask my boyfriend to send me another tube of this concealer or stock up when I go to Germany. It is lightweight and helps in areas my foundation just can’t cover up. I don’t know why I stopped using this.

November faves

Then there is the Bath & Body Works Body Lotion and their Ultra Shea Body Cream. No scents in particular, I just love their formulas. After using a runny Balea lotion and a thick, oily Neutrogena lotion, this lotion is just right and comes in a plethora scents. And their body cream is my favorite hand cream, especially for these cold, dry months. Bath & Body does have an actual hand cream that is much more purse friendly but I found it to be oily and so thick I had to use a big squeeze of product to cover both hands. This on the other hand is thick but not oily and melts into your skin so you forget it is even on. OH, and the price per ml/oz is a way better deal!

The last item is an Up & Up Nail Polish Remover. Whatever non-acetone remover was in my cabinet before was pure crap and I resorted to one with acetone to get the job done. The Up & Up polish remover is acetone free and gets the job done. It feels silly to include it in this post but when you go from a crappy product to a good product, the new product feels like an all-star.

And that is what I loved and used most for November! Can’t wait to see everybody else’s list 🙂

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