My Morning Makeup (Tip)

morning makeup2

Another week of work gone by, another work week finished. Well, this is posting as I’m on my way to work but you get it. I’m not one to post my “tips” or advice but this has been on my mind long enough that I decided to post it, and it is super simple.

The days when I had hours every morning to get ready are gone, gone, gone. Instead, I now wake up at 5 a.m. and have 45 minutes to get dressed, put my face on, and try not to forget my lunch before driving 20 minutes to the park and ride to catch the company commuter bus. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining but trying to give you a little background.

At five in the morning who has time to put a cohesive look together? And if you’re reading this then you like me like to look put together at work. Well a week into my new commuter schedule I  started doing this one simple thing:

morning makeup-2

Every night I lay out my outfit for the next day and the makeup to accompany it. Super simple yet saves me time and stress every morning. I’m not digging through clothes every pre-dawn, I’m not choosing between six blushes, I’m not looking for the right eyeshadow: my glass of wine and I did that the night before.

Granted I usually go to bed with blush swatched up and down my arm, but that serves as a reminder of what I have and what I need to try. Another little thing I’ve been doing to streamline my makeup: the pink makeup above pictured at the top.

morning makeup-3

I keep my makeup basics and essentials in this bag so I’m not, again, digging through drawers of makeup. It includes: powder foundation, concealer, primer, mascara, brow products, and a blush brush.

After I pick out the next day’s outfit, into this bag I throw in a blush and maybe an eyeshadow plus brushes for it. Highlighter is always chosen last minute though haha

I know it is super simple, maybe even obvious, but if you struggle for time every morning I hope this helps!

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