My Go-To Blush

catrice blush

The last time I counted every blush I own, including individual pans in palettes, I counted upwards of 30. Ignoring that I may have a blush problem, some outfits call for a mauve-pink and others for a flirty pink and sometimes you can’t say no to the packaging when you’re a the store. So, with that many blush options sometimes choosing a shade is the more difficult part of my makeup routine. Thankfully, I have found my go-to.

Meet the Catrice Defining Blush in 020 Rose Royce. This is one of the first products I bought when I decided to up my makeup game and try European brands. If I recall correctly, these retail for €3.49 at DM and Rossmann, and are very sadly not available on Ulta’s website.

I wish I remembered where exactly on the internet I was looking, but these blushes were highly recommended and praised. However, because Catrice blushes have a lower price per gram value than other German drugstore blushes I liked I didn’t buy more of these but my boyfriend is slowly amassing a German makeup haul for me for when we’re reunited. (He is the best<3)

catrice blush-2

The presentation is very simple but not cheap looking by any means. The case is clear plastic that looks like fancier acrylic and silver writing on top. Mine has worn off with time. You get 5g of smooth product with a geometric design that has yet to fade with use. I may not use it every day, but it sure has been used.

Touching this blush you might think you paid more that three euros. It is smooth, soft, finely milled, velvety, and just pigmented enough. And it looks chic.

catrice blush-5

It isn’t overtly pigmented like the four pan E.L.F. palette but still packs its own punch. Better yet, it is pigmented but I don’t have to be careful with it. It also adds a hint of glow, so it’s not quite matte.

Back to the point of this post, this is my go-to blush when I’m in a rush or can’t think of a color coordinating blush shade – this is the one. In my opinion, it is the perfect neutral pink shade to go with just about any look or outfit. By neutral I don’t mean undertone or whatever, I mean it as in it is friends with everyone, with every look, it gets along with every outfit, I hope I am making sense haha.

I try to use most of my blushes and rotate through them but that can get overwhelming and then Catrice saves the day. Thanks Catrice! Do you have a go-to product like this?

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