Review | IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes

IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes

Here is something different for my blog: a high end product. Nothing against high end products but I’m more of a drugstore girl and when I received an IT Cosmetics product in my IPSY bag a while back, I was a little excited. Adding to that excitement was the fact that the product was a mascara! But was my excitement warranted?

We’ll see about warranted but I’ll tell you that right now, it was short lived.

The IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes® Clinically Proven 5-in-1 Mascara came in my October IPSY bag, probably the product I was most excited about in that bag. I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about IT Cosmetics and I have been wanting to try some of their products but the price tag just didn’t seem worth it.

IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes

The mascara comes in a black, matte, plastic tube and the top has metal ends with black rubber in between. It reminds me of those rubber tubes I put on pencils back in elementary school. It’s different and I’m indifferent to it. The wand however…

This is where my initial excitement just about disappeared. Yes at first I was excited but soon I became skeptical, I wondered how this could compete with any of my favorite mascaras, I wasn’t sure I bought into the whole “high end mascara is better mascara” mentality, and when I opened it that brush just weirded me out.

IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes

The wand looks normal and like my type of wand at first, but it’s not. It is composed of several comb-like rows that taper off toward the end, where you find a ball that looks like a medieval weapon. Note that I said several rows, I didn’t count them, as they don’t cover the wand all the way around, there are sizable gaps. I felt like I had a wand with three rows of tiny combs when I used it. It is strange to me.

Here are the five claims this mascara makes straight from Ulta’s website:

1) Your natural volumizing mascara

2) Your conditioning, hydrating lash primer

3) Your lash enhancing serum

4) Your lash tint

5) your lash comb/curler!

IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes

Looking for specifics on this mascara I read the brand’s description on Ulta’s website and scoffed.

Let’s not waste time. I didn’t like this. Not one bit. I did see a slight difference when I applied it, but that only came in the way of darker lashes. Maybe some separation. I didn’t see length, I didn’t see volume, I didn’t see curl. I was definitely not saying, ” Hellooo lashes!” What I was saying was, “Oh crap!” a few hours later when my cheeks were dotted with black specks of mascara.

It was so bad that after the first use I didn’t try it again for a week or more. The second time was not much better Nor the third. I gave it away. Bye lashes!

Have you tried it? And if you have, my apologies for trashing it. Mascara, and makeup in general, is very personal and not everything works for everyone, sadly.

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4 thoughts on “Review | IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes

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  2. This mascara looks awful, I’m glad I never got it in an ipsy bag! Have you tried Benefit’s Roller Lash (I have mine coming in the mail) or Smashbox’s Full Exposure? I love the FE formula and brush but you do need to curl your lashes well as it does not curl AT ALL. Hope you find a good mascara! 🙂


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