Review | Profusion Studio Highlight Palette

Profusion Studio Highlight Palette

If you asked me a year ago what a highlighter was I would have handed you a pink marker out of my bag. If you asked me about Profusion Cosmetics, I would have said they were the crappy make up brand that inundates the drugstore right around this time of year. This product, and this post, are a testament to how much things can change in a year. For the better.

This is the Profusion Studio Highlight Palette and I adore it.

One year ago I would have steered clear of this wonderful palette thinking that anything from Profusion, for lack of a better word, sucked. They are known for their massive, inexpensive, stocking stuffer makeup palettes. To me, they were the brand you could find in the “callejones” of LA. (Google it.)

Well long story short I saw this palette on Nouveau Cheap weeks ago and the swatches had me just about running to buy this palette.

Profusion Studio Highlight Palette

The packaging is very basic and let’s face it, cheap. It is made of black cardboard with a flimsy plastic window and it is frail. When I bought mine and every palette I’ve seen since has had one or more crushed pans. I was lucky.

It contains six shades: White Pearl, Pale Gold, Rose Gold, Golden Pearl, Golden Nude, Golden Bronze. Each pan I believe contains 5g.

So far I’ve only used White Pearl, Pale Gold, and Golden Pearl. I haven’t used the other three simply because I’m a bit paler in the winter and these are warm summer colors.

Profusion Studio Highlight Palette

These highlights are gorgeous, this photo does not do them justice. They’re not perfectly, finely milled but they’re not chunky or powdery at all and give skin a nice glow without chunks or glitter. The first time I used this palette I used White Pearl and thought I wasn’t getting enough pigmentation, so I kept building it up and went to work with very white under eyes. Since then I’ve used a slightly lighter hand and the results are just lovely.

I really like that these aren’t super pigmented and you have a lot of control to go as bright as you want and the wear time is pretty decent. They don’t last all day on me but they are pretty while they last and for the price I’m not bummed.

I found my palette at Marshall’s for $3.99 and I’ve heard you can also find it at Ross and Styles For Less for about the same price. Whether you’re a highlight junkie or want to build your collection, this palette is a great addition. It has six beautiful, pigmented, different shades for a low price.

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