Review | Up & Up Complexion Brush

Up & Up Complexion Brush

As of late I have focused a little less on growing my makeup collection and a little more on growing my brush collection. I have also been looking for a tidier and faster way to apply to apply liquid foundation. Combine the two, and I hunted down this foundation brush and I do not want to put it down.

Today I’m talking about the Up & Up Foundation/Complexion Brush from Target. A product that I would pay no notice too had I not seen it on EmilyNoel83’s channel and listened to her rave about it.

Foundation brushes just did not appeal to me. I used a flat foundation brush two or three times, absolutely hated the result, and switched over to beauty blender-type sponges.

Up & Up Complexion Brush

After Emily convinced me to try this brush, I looked for it every time I went to Target and after a month of half-hearted searching I found it. When she made her video it was called a complexion brush, it looks like it has been renamed to foundation brush. I looked it up on the Target site (where it is still a complexion brush) while I was in store and they looked identical, however to be certain I matched the SKUs on the packaging and on the website. Bingo!

Up & Up Complexion Brush

So brush itself. It has a metal gray handle, silver ferrule, and black and white dense synthetic bristles. I think this is the densest brush I have in terms of the bristles and I find it pretty soft. Not bunny-rabbit soft, but very-gentle-on-my-face soft and safe-under-my-eyes soft.

I dot my foundation on my face and go to work with this brush to buff it in. Ya’ll…this brush does an amazing job at applying foundation. It spreads and blends it evenly, it does not sheer it out too much, it does not seem to absorb the foundation, and the shape and cut of the bristles is a great shape for going underneath my eyes. And the best part is how quick and easy this makes applying my foundation, so much so that I can wear liquid foundation to work during my time-crunched mornings!

Up & Up Complexion Brush

Previously I had tried applying foundation with the E.L.F. Small Stipple Brush but that took too long and it absorbed quite a bit of product, in my opinion. Then I used the BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Beauty Blending Sponge which is great but a hassle to wet and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. I am truly glad that I finally found and picked up this puppy.

This great brush is only $6.99 and if you have the Cartwheel app you can save 5% on it. I did not know it was possible for me to love a brush so much until now. For reals.

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