Review | Physician’s Formula CC Curl + Care Mascra

Physician's Formula CC Mascra

It seems that I cannot catch a break when it comes to mascara lately and I was hoping this one would turn things around. Even though I picked it up on accident, I meant to go for the green tube, when I opened it and saw the wand I became giddy. After two weeks of use, I think I can offer a good review. Read on!

This is the Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin CC Curl + Care Mascara, available at most drugstores for $9.99. The packaging is the same across their Organic Wear mascara line, this one just happens to be silver.

Physician's Formula CC Mascra

In case I’ve yet to say it: I love rubber wands/brushes. I looove them. I feel that they do a better job of going between the lashes and depositing product while separating hence when I saw this wand, I had a good feeling. Unlike the IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes mascara, the bristles on this wand go all the way around and are more plentiful. This brush is also curved, something I am not so comfortable with yet but am willing to try.

Physician's Formula CC Mascra

After two weeks or so of using it every single day I can comfortably say that this was another fail. The first thing I noticed was how stubby it made my lashes look which although upsetting I didn’t blame it for because it’s not called the “Curl + Length Mascara”. Until I found this on Ulta’s website: “First ever 100 percent natural origin lash extension fibers for the false lash effect.” Lies.

The formula was on the dry side and didn’t fully coat the green brush because I could still see the green of the brush

The curling part of this mascara was meh. I used it curve side up, curve side down, curve side in and it made little difference. But the worst part was how tacky it was and how tacky it stayed! Not just five minutes or 10 or 30. I could not touch my lashes or else they would cling together to form three mega lashes.

I really wanted to fall in love with this mascara….

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