The Best Way To Apply Falsies!

wet n wild false lashes

Greetings from Palm Springs! I am in my hometown, in the middle of my holiday break, but I had had had to share this with you!

With New Year’s Eve coming up, and my lashes being utterly uncooperative, it is false lash season. I have been trying to use falsies more in the last couple of months, practicing on weekends to speed up the process and eventually put them on easy-peasy.

Well, it has not been easy-peasy. Finally I googled “best way to apply false lashes”, something I should have done long ago, and I cam across this video. Mind blown.

Besides that this makes applying falsies a thousand times easier and neater, it makes removal and care. I used to struggle to pick off the glue off the band and that would ruin the lashes. With this method, the falsies come off clean and the lash glue just rolls off my lid with my micellar water and the falsies stay intact.

If you try this, let me know how it worked for you 🙂

Bis gleich and don’t forget to follow! (Instagram: @moscatoandmascara)

Note: Since I’m on vacay I used an old photo. These Wet n Wild lashes in Shutter Shock are dramatic but the band is a little stiff and I could not open that glue for nothing. In fact, I slit my fingertip trying to open it. I’m currently using the Duo glue that with my Ardell Wispies.

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