This Week At The Drugstore #2

at drugstore 2-5

Two weeks, the last two weeks at the drugstore. In an effort to have more self-control, to save money, and to use more of what I already have, I am cutting back on these posts and trips to the drugstore. Looking at this post I feel that my efforts were somewhat successful but some deals are too good to pass up on!

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Rave | Ardell Deluxe Pack with Wispies

Ardell Wispies Lash Kit

Lately I have been fighting an obsession with false lashes, a departure from my previous “Pshhh, I don’t need that” stance and Ardell is not helping. I mentioned this kit in my December favorites and I am loving it, not just the lashes but the kit as a whole. Do not be scared by the picture on the packaging, I assure you they do not look so dramatic when worn. Continue reading

Review | Julie G Nail Polish in Pin Up Girl

Julie G Pin Up Girl

Moscato and Mascara is one post away from inadvertently making it nail polish week, apologies. This Julie G nail polish came in my December Ipsy bag and when I first saw it I was hesitant at the color. But I decided to be a good sport and try it without any prejudice or negativity and I am ready to report. Continue reading

Zote Soap… As A Brush Cleaner?

ZOTE soap to clean makeup brushes

You might be wondering why there is a bar of laundry soap heading this post and I can explain. Have you ever come across a tip, a life hack that sounds too good to be true? Then you find yourself dropping everything to put it to the test? This was my weekend with Zote Soap, which I hear makes an excellent makeup brush cleaner. Continue reading

Garnier Micellar Water Has Arrived Stateside!

garnier micellar water

Happy Friday! I am so, so excited to finally have this post on micellar water up, it is silly how excited I am for this. I am a massive fan of micellar water and never got around to posting this when I was in Germany and didn’t feel right posting it afterward because micellar water was not as readily available here. But it is finally here and I’m doing cartwheels! Continue reading

Review | Physician’s Formula Argan Wear Blushes

physician's formula argan oil blush

Since returning to the states last summer I have become quite the fan of Physician’s Formula, and their insanely gorgeous packaging. Their argan oil line in particular had me drooling and I picked up these two stunning blushes on sale and months later I am ready to write about them, and see how many synonym for “stunning” I can come up with. Continue reading

Review | Wet n Wild Color Icon Trio in Silent Treatment

wet n wild silent treatment

Originally I was going to title this post as a rant but after writing this I figured that might be a little unfair. That is not to say thought that I find this product any good or that it is still in my possession. Let me just get into why I despise these eyeshadows so much. Continue reading

January Ipsy Glam Bag

January 2015 ipsy glam bag

It is the Ipsy time of the month again! This month however I am going into my glam bag with a positive attitude and not as the negative Nancy I was last month. Whether it is my attitude or the contents of the bag themselves, I finally received a bag that impressed me. Continue reading

Review | Crown C412 Deluxe Pointed Crease Brush

crown brush-2

When I eventually cancel my Ipsy subscription I can circle back to this as a driving factor. When my November bag did not arrive and they eventually sent three total, one of them contained this brush inside. Oh I was elated to finally get a useful brush! Except it is not. Continue reading