2015 Fails

2015 Fails

Call it cliché but I am starting the year with a bit of cleaning out, of my makeup that is. Everyone is compiling their best and worst of the year lists and while I did my worst of I saw it as a chance to clean.

Most of these products I have reviewed and I have linked the reviews in here. Others I have not until now and if any of these differ from their posted review, attribute it to hindsight and maybe a few more begrudging attempt to use them…

2015 Fails-2

  • The first product that came to time was the Wet n Wild Color Icon Trio in Silent Treatment. These shadows are not bad but when I wore them they all blended together into a dirty lavender gray. Sure it was once or twice but that sticks in my memory and is all I think of when I unintentionally reach for it.
  •  A product that did not come to mind until I began digging in my makeup drawer was the Sleek i-Divine Del Mar Vol.II palette. The quality did not live up to Sleek hype, they faded and creased but I can’t give up on this. Maybe with a better primer they will work better but for the moment, a disappointment.

P2 5 in 2 Protection + Care Base

  • The P2 5 in 1 Protection + Care Base primer. If I didn’t believe in primers before this did nothing to change that. It added texture to my skin rather than smoothing it and that was the only thing I needed to see to toss it.

Max & More Baked Eyeyshadows

  • The Max & More Baked Eyeshadow quad was not a loss, I found it a €1 type store. However, I was hoping to find a hidden gem and this was all around rubbish. Hard, powdery, no payoff.

Essie Leave No Trace

  • The idea of Essie Leave No Trace  is brilliant: leave this gel on your stubborn glitter polish, wipe off. In reality it was messy, it felt icky, and it did not perform. I much prefer peel-off bases.

Catrice Allround Concealer

  • I was not a fan of the packaging or consistency of the Catrice Allround Concealer I did not see it make a remarkable difference. In all fairness, I think this product like all other Catrice products is geared toward fair skin and will perform better on fair skin.

E.L.F. Studio Eyebrow Kit

  • I’m still sad that the E.L.F Studio Eyebrow Kit didn’t work. I found the gel/pomade side to be too hard and difficult to work with. Admittedly I only used the brush that was included but the gel was not pigmented enough, it clumped my brows and made them stiff.

October 2015 Ipsy Bag

  • These $2 eBay tweezers that Ipsy tried to pass off as a high end tool? I wanted to like Emite Makeup tweezers  for the silly reason that the Ipsy link for this item led to a Swedish website (I love anything Swedish). But my Primark €1.50 tweezers are Tweezermans compared to these.
  • Another Ipsy fail, the IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes mascara. I just didn’t understand the brush and it did nothing for my lashes. Another product that I was hoping to fall in love with but that was not to be.

Dermalogica Clear Start Oil Clearing Matte Moisturizer

Elizabeth Mott Queen of the Fill

  • I think this is the last Ipsy fail. The Elizabeth Mott Queen Of The Fill eyebrow tint had a weird brush and was gray. It was just gray. If you want to use this your brows better be freshly waxed and shaped.

2015 Fails-8

  • Is Benefit’s Dandelion a blush, a face powder, or a highlighter? I have tried it as all three and it is about 50 shades to light for my, currently, C3 skin. I don’t know, I…yeah.
  • The Essence Blush Brush is pretty to look at and to have in your collection but that is it. It is to big for blush and the bristles not dense enough to keep the brushes original shape so I’m using it as a general powder brush. It is meh.

2015 Fails-6

  • Wet n Wild’s Megalast Lipsticks are a total win, amazingly pigmented and affordable but that packaging! It is too easy to get lipstick smeared on the cap and at least two of my lipsticks have caps that slip off if I’m not careful. Funny thing, when I was compiling this list I was watching a Youtuber that said the same thing.

2015 Fails-5

  • Stay away from the E.L.F. Essential whatever lipsticks! The ones that are only $1 and really old. I bought one of these when the brand first came to Target and loved it so when I spotted one two weeks ago I grabbed it. Do you see that white film around the bullet? That is because these are old! And very waxy.

2015 Fails-3

  • I should have listened to Emily Noel when she said this $1 eyeliner from Wet n Wild was no good. I like the white one and the black one, but this one not so much.
  • Another Ipsy fail! The Pencil Me In liner in Boysenberry has to be the patchiest, waxiest liner I have come across.
  • The Physician’s Formula CC Curl + Care Mascara was such a letdown. This mascara found a way to make my lashes look short and stubby. Possibly worse than that was that it took ages to dry allowing for my lashes to clump together with the slightest movement.

Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Primer

  • I think I gave the Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Primer more chances than it deserved. It did intensify my eyeshadows but it was also orange and the creasing was unforgiving.
  • Did I really forget to take a picture of the Up & Up Exfoliating Apricot Facial Towelettes? I bought these hoping they could replace washing my face in the morning (horrible, I know) and they just wet my face. I neither felt nor saw exfoliation, they probably didn’t wipe away the overnight oils on my face, and I noticed my face was super oily throughout the day.

Not every product can be a winner, right?

Bis gleich!

4 thoughts on “2015 Fails

  1. Yeah, Sleek eyeshadows are not really good pigmented. And about Wet’n’wild eyeshows- I read and see so many good review on their palettes when it comes to make-up, I see that usually those eyeshadows look cheapy and not presentable at all.


    • Bummer because Sleek palettes look gorgeous and are hyped up.
      I’m going to go more in depth with this WnW palette next week probably, it’s just the color combination here that has me cringing lol


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