Review | Crown C412 Deluxe Pointed Crease Brush

crown brush-2

When I eventually cancel my Ipsy subscription I can circle back to this as a driving factor. When my November bag did not arrive and they eventually sent three total, one of them contained this brush inside. Oh I was elated to finally get a useful brush! Except it is not.

crown brush-3

Starting with the basics, this is the C412 Deluxe Pointed Crease Brush from Crown Brushes. A very quick Google search shows a $10 retail price, and nowhere on the brush itself can I find where those dollars went.

It has a black handle with a silver ferrule and the whole thing feels cheap. It feels cheaper than eBay cheap. Just wipe that “DLX” lie off, please.

crown brush

So the brush…is the worst brush I have used. The bristles also feel cheap. Synthetic and cheap. Can you see the scraggly, coarse bristles sticking out of the sides? Can you see the uneven cut? I am getting mad just writing this.

I tried to use this twice. The first time I thought I was having an off morning, maybe it was my primer that caused it to feel like it was “blending” unevenly and skipping. I started to get the feeling that it was not going to work. The next day and using a different primer and a better eyeshadow I had the same result. There was so much “Nope!” I dropped it and reached for my Essence blending brush.

crown brush-4

There are some products that show their true colors immediately and this is one of them. Everything about it is cheap, visibly and tangibly cheap. I bet I could find a better brush at the Dollar Tree. I am not happy that I received such a rubbish, crummy item in my Ipsy bag however I am glad that I didn’t buy it outright. Then I would be truly upset.

If you receive one of these then do whatever you want but I would under any circumstance recommend this brush at all. This brush has completely turned me off the Crown Brush brand all together.

I promise to have a more positive post next time!

Bis gleich!

8 thoughts on “Review | Crown C412 Deluxe Pointed Crease Brush

  1. Oh wow I had been hoping to get this brush in my bag as brushes are my favorite thing to receive, glad they didn’t give it to me. So sorry it was a bust. 😦 I’ve been thinking of cancelling my subscription with Ipsy as well, but I’m hesitant just because I’ve had it for years! But Ipsy just isn’t what it used to be unfortunately. 😦


    • I get so excited when I get brushes but the brushes I’ve received so far are useless to me.
      I would prefer to get products I can find at Target than some of these brands I have never heard of, and I spend a loooot of time online haha


  2. Great post! I had an issue when they didn’t send me a bag and I had to contact them to finally get one. I feel on the fence about Ipsy…some months I love what I get, and other months I feel like I wasted $10. :-/


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