Review | Wet n Wild Color Icon Trio in Silent Treatment

wet n wild silent treatment

Originally I was going to title this post as a rant but after writing this I figured that might be a little unfair. That is not to say thought that I find this product any good or that it is still in my possession. Let me just get into why I despise these eyeshadows so much.

wet n wild silent treatment

Because I have another review or two coming on these Color Icon trios I am not going to get into the product details.

Wet n Wild seems to have some of the best eyeshadows at the drugstore for their price point and I for the most part agree. But when I tried their Color Icon Trio in Silent Treatment I was…I was let down. The shadows look pretty in pan and even swatch nicely, but these are one example of products that wear different than their swatches.

wet n wild silent treatment

I could swatch that bottom lilac-y shade all day, it is so soft and smooth. Unfortunately the color washes me out and is not flattering on me. The middle shade in pan and in person looks more brown but swatches like a dark brown, gray and is the opposite of the first shade in texture and feel. The top shade is a sheer baby pink and pointless to me as I find it too pink for the brow bone, its intended use, and too sheer to stand on its own.

So the problem? The problem is that the bottom and middle shades if worn together just blend into each other and not in a flattering way. The middle brown just looks dirty when applied. I had resolved to wear this all weekend to give it another chance and maybe I put it in my worst of list unfairly but halfway through I decided to finish my look and just give it away. The more I applied the angrier it made me.

This retails for about $3 and I even bought mine on sale, and I do think that these can work for someone. Besides the aforementioned problems I had with this trio, I think it also a matter of skin tone and these are not flattering to mine. So this fail goes 50/50 but a fail in my book nonetheless.

Bis gleich!

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