Review | Physician’s Formula Argan Wear Blushes

physician's formula argan oil blush

Since returning to the states last summer I have become quite the fan of Physician’s Formula, and their insanely gorgeous packaging. Their argan oil line in particular had me drooling and I picked up these two stunning blushes on sale and months later I am ready to write about them, and see how many synonym for “stunning” I can come up with.

physician's formula argan oil blush

This is not an error, I did include this picture twice because I cannot stare at them enough. The design of the embossing is luxurious and it is tempting to keep these as ornaments for a vanity instead of using them. The pinks and design paired with the semi-matte gold casing, I die…Ok, enough ogling.

The Argan Wear Blush comes in two shades: Natural and Rose (respectively).

physician's formula argan oil blush

The ring outside the darkest part used to have a gold overspray that I have removed, it was absolutely splendid but just an overspray. When you open these you can’t miss the strong, musky, perfume scent coming from these. Some people might like it but not I.

physician's formula argan oil blush

When you open up the bottom you get a small mirror and brush for on-the-go. Not the best brush but it will do in a pinch and the handle matches the case, so cute! So far every Physician’s Formula powder I have bought comes with a mirror and a brush which I find so handy because I don’t have to carry a separate mirror and brush in my already stuffed purse.

physician's formula argan oil blush

These blushes are not only pretty to look at but look at these swatches. Natural is on the left and Rose on the right. They have a satin, natural looking finish that even built up stays natural. BUT, I want to very clear that I tried to swatch these the same way that my brush would pick them up. I recently watched a video review of these by Emily Noel and I noticed that when she swatched Natural it looked darker, almost like Rose, and I think that’s because she really went into the dark middle part of it and that is not how I would swirl my brush there. Does that make sense?

Either way Natural is too light for me so I gave it away but I kept Rose and I’m trying to push myself to use it more even if it means wearing out that marvelous design (which I want to say is Moroccan inspired).

These retail for $12.99 at most stores and Physcian’s Formula is always on sale so I would recommend picking up one of these. If you’re on the fair side I ‘d say you can pick either but if you’re medium or darker then I’d go for Rose. And if you’re looking for vanity ornaments you can’t go wrong with either!

Bis gleich!

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