Garnier Micellar Water Has Arrived Stateside!

garnier micellar water

Happy Friday! I am so, so excited to finally have this post on micellar water up, it is silly how excited I am for this. I am a massive fan of micellar water and never got around to posting this when I was in Germany and didn’t feel right posting it afterward because micellar water was not as readily available here. But it is finally here and I’m doing cartwheels!I have had this post ready to go for so long, these pictures are from May!

If you have not heard of micellar water or even the queen of micellar waters Bioderma, this article offers an explanation of what micellar water is. If you asked me what it is I’d say it is a game and life changing product that you need in your life as soon as possible.

It has been around in Europe for ages and started creeping into the U.S. last year I believe. First the brand Simple came out with one, but I haven’t heard great reviews, and then Bioderma became available on Beautylish, albeit at a high price, and now Garnier is bringing it to a drugstore near you.

garnier micellar water

Essentially it is a makeup remover but some brands, like Garnier, have all-in-ones that cleanse and tone as well (at least the European one does, haven’t checked the American version). Just pour some on a cotton round and let it work its magic.

I have been using makeup removing wipes for as long as I can remember but I was willing to try micellar water, after all it originated in France and to me France is synonymous with excellent skin care. (When I went to Strasbourg I was on a mission to find some authentic, French micellar water i.e. Bioderma haha.)

garnier micellar water

I never considered my eyes as sensitive and thought the stinging from my wipes was normal, a sign that it was working. That is until I tried micellar water and it did not sting my eyes in the least. Life changed. It removed just about everything and didn’t leave my skin wet like the wipes did. I still wash my face afterward and go back in with what is left on the cotton round to remove any lingering eye makeup.

Not only that, but it works great for abnormally lazy mornings when washing my face is the last thing I want to do. Just pour some on a cotton round, wipe away, moisturize, and go. Which is what I’ve been trying out this last week and it works just as well as as washing my face, getting rid of overnight oils, and even controlling oil throughout the day somewhat.

garnier micellar water

Another great feature is the opening which is the same on Garnier and Bioderma bottles. It is just big enough to fit the tip of Q-tip to pick up some product to fix makeup mistakes (winged eyeliner…).

Micellar water is gentle on the skin and doesn’t leave any kind of residue, doesn’t have a scent and has multiple uses. I swear by this stuff and I do not see anything ever replacing it. When I visit Europe again I will be sure to stock up on Bioderma or another French brand but the Garnier version I have tried is just as good and at a fraction of the price.

I’ve seen it at CVS for $9.95, don’t. I also saw it at WalMart for $6-7 I think and they had $2 off manufacturer coupons next to it, and it will be about the same price when it comes to Target. In Europe they have different types for different skin types (the blue bottle above is for combo skin and the pink one for normal skin) but here they have a normal formula and one for water proof makeup. Bottles come in 400-500ml that will last at least three months if not longer, one bottle of Bioderma has lasted me six months going on seven, depends on how much you use.

Apologies if this post is all over the place and disorganized, I am that excited that it is finally available here! If you’ve tried a micellar water let me know what you think!

Bis gleich!

8 thoughts on “Garnier Micellar Water Has Arrived Stateside!

  1. It’s so great to see that such a great product has made its way to American drugstores! After reading how excited you are, I’m excited to try them too haha


    • I have tried so many brands of makeup removers, this seriously changed my life. I know people always say that and “this is EVERYTHING” but I can’t live without micellar water anymore haha

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  2. I saw this stuff the other day and almost picked it up to try because I have pretty sensitive skin and the wipes irritate my eyes as well a lot of the time. Great read, I’m definitely going to have to pick some up and try it out!

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