Zote Soap… As A Brush Cleaner?

ZOTE soap to clean makeup brushes

You might be wondering why there is a bar of laundry soap heading this post and I can explain. Have you ever come across a tip, a life hack that sounds too good to be true? Then you find yourself dropping everything to put it to the test? This was my weekend with Zote Soap, which I hear makes an excellent makeup brush cleaner.

Many of you might be familiar with this pink soap; my mom, my grandma, my aunts always had a bar of this in the laundry room and I thought it was a Mexican thing haha. So just when I thought I had heard of every brush cleaning tip on the internet I read this blog post by Hunter Milite and I started googling.

I have never heard of using Zote Soap, a laundry product, to clean makeup brushes but I did find enough articles to convince me to give it a go and more importantly that it is safe.( If you know otherwise, please let me know so I can stop doing it and stop spreading bad behavior.)

ZOTE soap to clean makeup brushes

I picked up a bar of Zote at the Walgreens next door for $1.49, even it doesn’t work out at least I have a some extra laundry soap. It is a big bar of soap, like a pink brick that weights 400g and smells like my childhood.

ZOTE soap to clean makeup brushes

To start, I put the bar of soap on a plate and poured water on top to get it sudsing. Is that a work? I grabbed my dirty brushes and started swirling them around. My dirtier brushes left a lot of makeup residue on the bar so I had to rinse it a couple of times to prevent that residue getting into other brushes.

And I can happily say that it worked. Two brushes were not 100% clean but those had longer, stiffer bristles and I don’t care for them much.

ZOTE soap to clean makeup brushes

What impressed me most was that it cleaned my most stubborn brushes and made them look almost new. I have a few brushes, like the Essence Blush Brush Above, that no matter how many times or with what method I cleaned them they still looked dirty. This brush isn’t one I use often anymore but it was brown from bronzer, and look at it now.

2015 Fails-8

Here is a recent picture in which the bristles look muddy even though I have not used this brush for bronzer in months and I clean it along with my other brushes anyway. Clear difference after the Zoat soap.

So does this work? Clearly. Even though my brushes are not expensive, I was worried this soap might be harsh but the bristles are just as soft and without shedding. I also like that this is a solid brick of soap that is hassle free and mess free. I was about to buy a bar of Dr. Bonner’s soap, which now that I think about it is just as practical, for three times the price of this and maybe half the size.

Thank you Hunter Milite for the tip! If anyone has tried this, let me know below and again, if there is some harmful information I am missing leave that below as well.

Bis gleich!


7 thoughts on “Zote Soap… As A Brush Cleaner?

  1. Glad you tried it out!! Some people claim that it’s too harsh for brushes but I’ve had no problems, or it makes them break out which can happen with anything and I’ve had no problems with that here either! the only thing I’ve heard is not to use it on blenders because it can cause them to break down faster. 🙂

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  2. I’m Mexican and this soap makes me think of Mexico! I think of using this to clean makeup brushes as the soap seems to heavy and harsh but I’m glad to see that it works because we always have one in the house! 🙂


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