Maybelline Color Show Nail Polishes

Maybelline Color Show polish

Does this look like anything to anyone? It is the colors of the German flag! Most appropriate as this was a parting gift from my boyfriend’s brother and his girlfriend back in June. I have had these polishes for half a year and now decided they deserve their own post.These are the Maybelline Color Show Nail Polishes and they retail for $3.99 a bottle. After seeing the price tag I knew I had to make a post advising or warning against this $4 polish. I am someone who changes her nail polish twice a week when I can so I usually reach for Wet n Wild’s $1 polishes, usually (there is the occasional Essie polish).

Here I have the Color Show polishes in: Blackout, Electric Yellow, and Power Red.

Maybelline Color Show polish

And I barely reach for them compared to my other eight polishes I own here. I say here because I have a vast nail polish collection in Germany, before makeup nail polish was my true love. Anyway. Not pictured is the Maybelline Dr Rescue All-in-1 that accompanied these, it is a base and top coat.

The formula is thin hence streaky and not even close to being a one-coater. The cap says “60 seconds” and I assume that refers to drying time, not something I have noticed to be honest but with a formula so thin, I can see that claim coming true. Maybe what keeps me away is the longevity. These polishes chip within a day or two on my fingers. I do like these colors because they look like a true black and a true red and a true yellow to me, however when I’m in store there isn’t much in the color selection that wows me, especially for $4.

Of course $4 is not going to break the bank but I prefer the formula and color selection of Wet n Wild or Essence.

Bis gleich!

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