Rave | Ardell Deluxe Pack with Wispies

Ardell Wispies Lash Kit

Lately I have been fighting an obsession with false lashes, a departure from my previous “Pshhh, I don’t need that” stance and Ardell is not helping. I mentioned this kit in my December favorites and I am loving it, not just the lashes but the kit as a whole. Do not be scared by the picture on the packaging, I assure you they do not look so dramatic when worn.

I picked these up at CVS while I was looking for lash glue, I spotted these and realized they were a much better offer. Lash glue on its own would be $5-6 wheres as this $8.50 kit includes: two pairs of lashes, lash applicator tweezers, and a half-sized glue.

Ardell Wispies Lash Kit

There was another style available in a kit like this but I went with the Wispies as I’ve heard a lot about the demi-wispies. They have a very thin, flexible band and so far I’ve gotten about five uses from the top pair alone. (I’m still kind of new to falsies, is there a limit to how many times I can reuse a pair? Help! haha)

Ardell Wispies Lash Kit

This applicator though, this is the one everyone needs in their falsies drawer. One end is like wide tweezers that grab the lashes with enough control that they are not flimsy-ing about and allow you to get a more precise application. On the other end is a plastic, slanted tip to push the lashes into place. I’ve seen similar applicators being sold for about $4 on their own and this is a hundred times better than the purple plastic applicator in Ardell’s other lash kits.

Ardell Wispies Lash Kit

What I really came for, originally, was the glue. My other Ardell kit came with Ardell’s own lash glue and this one comes with a Duo Eyelash Adhesive. This is the same one that Brianna at Online Beauty Finds reviewed and disliked so I was iffy but this has worked for me so far. Maybe it’s my way of applying it? Luckily I have found my Ardell glue after weeks of searching, it was hiding under an eyeshadow, in case this one does crap out.

Ardell Wispies Lash Kit

Here is an at-work selfie featuring the Ardell Wispies. They are a little bit long and I can see that turning some people off but I love them. Apart from the length I think they look sort of natural, maybe a bit flirty and fluttery, feminine, good for everyday looks. They almost remind me of my lashes with the Manhattan Supersize False Lash Look mascara.

I curl my lashes, apply some Smahbox Full Exposure mascara, apply these and maybe curl again. After wearing these one day and returning to my natural lashes with mascara the next day it is one hell of a contrast, I really do want to wear these every single day.

If these aren’t you’re style I still highly recommend checking out the Ardell Deluxe Packs, they are absolute steals for what you get in them. This pack is great for beginners like myself, combined with this tutorial you’ll be a falsies pro in no time!

Bis gleich!

3 thoughts on “Rave | Ardell Deluxe Pack with Wispies

  1. These are sooooo cute! I was thinking about getting the Demi wispies because I thought these were too dramatic, but they actually look very natural! The demi wispies would be a waste, since I wouldn’t wear every day anyway!
    Lovely post and I love your blog url (hehe Italian pride)!
    Mari xx

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