January Favorites

January Favorites

January was a strange month for me and makeup. When I started compiling a list of my favorites I realized there was not much there, that I felt unmotivated or uninspired. Maybe because I had three pimples pop up right above my eyebrow. Some of the products this month did not feel so much “favorites” as I simply kept going back to them every day, so maybe subconsciously they are favorites? 

January Faves-2

Exhibit A: the Wet n Wild Color Icon Blushes in Mellow Wine and Pearlescent Pink, old formula. Every morning, or night when I was planning my makeup, I found myself reaching for these and almost nothing else. Here is a mini review since the new formulas are out now: these are pigmented, pretty, and last all day. The brush included inside is not the best but it will do in a pinch.

January Faves-3

Also something I reached for every other day, Wet n Wild Reserve Your Cabana. I was in the mood for a subtle highlight all month it seems and this goes with everything and didn’t take any planning or forethought. Boy, I think I was just lazy this month! Haha Next to it, and not photographing well, is the Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick in Bare It All. I cannot believe that I have not mentioned this in any favorites because I am thinking of buying backups of this in case it is ever discontinued. It’s a dupe for MAC’s Teddy I believe and my go to lipstick for bold eyed looks.

January Faves

Enough Wet n Wild. Zote Soap to clean my brushes with! Cheap, hassle free, does an excellent job. I had a few concerns about using this to clean my brushes but my curiosity overrode that and I do not see myself turning back any time soon. My recent review here.

January Faves-4

Salon style hair clips from the Dollar Tree? Yes! Or as I think of them, Snooki clips. I was randomly perusing the Dollar Tree next to my laundromat and found these. They came in a four-pack and they hold my thick hair very well. Very, very glad I found them.

January Faves-5

This might be cheating because I only used this once a few days ago but I could not keep my eyes off of it! It is the top left blush from the E.L.F. Blush Palette in Dark. It is a peach-pink shade that I will probably wear all spring and it was perfect to fight off the gray skies this week. To apply it I used the #300 brush, from the fake Real Techniques Metals brush set that is making the blog rounds, as its density and shape have made it the best brush I have for these ultra pigmented blushes.

I know I say this every other month but here it goes: I am truly looking forward to playing with makeup in February. February is the month of pinks, reds, and all around girliness. Winter is great, but I’m ready for some lighter and brighter colors.

Bis gleich!

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