Physicians Formula Sexy Boost Cat Eyes Mascara

Physicians Formula Sexy Boost Cat Eyes Mascara

During the last few months I have amassed a small mascara collection, I thought there was enough to last me through the year. Fail after fail proved me wrong though. Nothing impressed me and I was trying a new mascara and tossing it every couple of weeks, which finally led me to try the Physicians Formula Sexy Boost Cat Eyes Mascara. Safe to say, this could be holy grail status.

I first saw this mascara on Mateja’s Beauty Blog, I looove her blog! She is probably the blogger I trust most and her blog is gorgeous. Anyway….

Physicians Formula Sexy Boost Cat Eyes Mascara

The mascara comes in a big clumsy box like most Physician’s Formula products, which gives way to the prettiest tube of mascara I think I have ever seen. It is a black tube with red velvet lace wrapped around it and small heel pendant hanging off a small black bow. Perhaps “pretty” isn’t the word as it reminds me of lingerie; pretty or sexy I like it either way.

Physicians Formula Sexy Boost Cat Eyes Mascara

The brush inside is rather big compared to most mascara wands and I know that turns some people off. As would the perfectly sized rubber bristles that cover the entire wand. However, I am a fan of both a big brush and rubber bristles. Something else that may be a big con is the scent, a brown sugar and vanilla type of scent that is not overpowering but noticeable when applying. When pulling the wand out of the tube you can feel how tight the tube opening is so the brush doesn’t have too much product on it.

This formula is comfortable, not too dry, not too wet, and very light weight. Other mascaras, though I really do like them, weigh my lashes down and I can feel it. It adds volume, some length, and gives a fluttery and flirty look. I wouldn’t say that it curls, but it sure does hold one throughout the day. I’m wearing it in the picture below, only the second time I had used this. While I still like how it looks here (curl, mascara, curl, mascara), I now curl my eyelashes multiple times throughout my makeup routine and apply mascara last.

vday look-2

Though this formula doesn’t stay tacky for hours like the CC Curl + Care mascara, it does stay tacky for a while after so I do not recommend curling after application. And as for removal, I find it more difficult than most mascaras to remove. I can feel the cotton round tugging on the mascara and my lashes somewhat, that is somewhat annoying.

I have a few more mascaras to try but I know that this will be a repurchase. It can be found at most drugstores for $9.99 and Physicians Formula is usually on sale.

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