New Wet n Wild ProLine Felt Tip Eyeliner

New Wet n Wild ProLine Felt Tip Eyeliner

Happy Friday! As much as I am looking forward to a fun-filled weekend, I will once again be on Team No Sleep and have little time to blog. Such has been the case since my Denver trip and only made worse by daylight savings. Seriously, is it still necessary? At least I found time and energy to write a quick review of an eyeliner I have not been able to put down.The Wet n Wild ProLine Felt Tip Eyeliner was one of their new releases this January or late December, and one of the most underrated products from that group. It can be found just about anywhere Wet n Wild is sold and retails for $3.99.

It is a liquid eyeliner in the form of a felt tip in standard pen-like packaging. What I really like about this eyeliner is the size; it is no taller than an iPhone. The size allows me to have full control of the pen and to get up close to a mirror without feeling like the end of it will hit said mirror.

New Wet n Wild ProLine Felt Tip Eyeliner

For a $4 eyeliner, I think this is superb. The felt tip can create thin lines and with pressure it can create thick lines; perfect for mapping a wing and then filling it in. Pigmentation is great, it is black black black, doesn’t bleed and lasts the whole day so long as you remember it is there and you don’t rub your eyes. Oops.

The pen began to dry up after about a month of occasional use and you tell me if that is normal as I did not use these types of eyeliners until now. What I do know though, is that you can pull the felt tip out and flip it around for round two of use.

As someone who is still trying to master some sort of cat eye, I think this eyeliner is amazing and a definite repurchase. The compact size and the price make it ideal for anyone who is new to liquid liners or someone on a budget.

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