March Ipsy Bag!

March 2016 Ipsy glam bag

In the six months that I have subscribed to Ipsy I have finally found a pattern, I think, at least with my bag. It seems to me that every other month I receive an amazing bag and the rest of the months my bag is underwhelming. My March bag was the latter, or somewhere in between at least.

March 2016 Ipsy glam bag

The bag itself is rather pretty and prettier in person. I hear there was three color schemes available this month and I am extremely happy that I received this light aqua with pink/coral version and not the orange one. I loathe the color orange 95% of the time.

March 2016 Ipsy glam bag

The first thing I pulled out: MAKE UP FOR EVER Step 1 Skin Equalizer- Hydrating Primer. My drugstore bias aside, Makeup Forever is not a brand I care for and I am skeptical of primers as a whole. Of course I will give this a try but I know that the full size retail price will keep me from becoming totally enamored with this product.

Sample size is .16oz and worth $5.92.

March 2016 Ipsy glam bag

Next out of the bag was the Rejuvenating Rope Hip & Rosewater Body Oil from Nourish Organics. The Ipsy website calls it an oil but the tube says ‘mist,’ odd. Either way it is basically a moisturizer with a a few promises that I am uneasy to buy into. We shall see.

It has .5oz  and is worth $3.33.

Next to it is the ModelCo Lip Laquer Lip Gloss in the shade Socialite. This is a brand that I want to try more from and I do appreciate a lip gloss every now and then but another color would have been nice. Not sure how I feel about a red gloss.

This is 1.5ml and worth $12.

March 2016 Ipsy glam bag

Fourth product out of the bag was the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo. I am very happy with my Batiste but I will use this between cans of those. Funny thing though, I was doing the math on the worth of this size and price per ounce relative to the full size, it totaled $9.90 but this 1.8oz size is available for purchase at $12. Interesting what you find when you take a minute for math :p

Lastly, a MeMeMe Loose Powder Brush that retails for $13. Until now I have been horribly disappointed with the brushes Ipsy has sent me so please understand my severe distrust of this brush… Honestly, for that price they can’t send out better know brands like Real Techniques?

Overall worth of this month’s bag is $46.25. Normally I would say that is a good return on investment but I was not thrilled by the products this month.

Any big twinsies out there?

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7 thoughts on “March Ipsy Bag!

  1. Hi! I just subscribed to your blog! Love all the content on beauty. 🙂

    The March Glam Bag was my first IPSY bag, and I’m feeling kinda “meh” about it… I might wait till I am a few bags in to make a judgment on whether to continue the subscription. Do you have other recommendations for good value subscription beauty bags?

    OOh, by the way, follow me too at I write about beauty, pets, travel, crafts, reviews on restaurants/products as well as Intercultural stuff (I moved 10,000 miles from Singapore to USA)! 🙂


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