Hype, Morphe, and Private Labeling

Does anyone else feel as though they can’t go a day without seeing or hearing about the brand Morphe on YouTube or social media? I myself have been curious about their products but have never been able to pull the trigger. Maybe it is the relentless hype train going full speed ahead on YouTube or their horribly disjointed website last time I visited. And then I saw this video from Stephanie Nicole that has been making the rounds on Reddit recently. Whatever your feelings on Morphe, this video is worth the watch for the information and insights she gives on the beauty industry.

While she does focus on the brand Morphe, she does so while addressing private labeling, a very common practice in the makeup world and one that I am surprised more people don’t catch up on. As beauty bloggers, addicts, and consumers I think it is very important to know more about what we consume and this video is a fantastic starting point.

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