E.L.F. Shimmer Powder in Pink

elf shimmer

Today I have yet another product that has been in my collection for months, that I have used plenty of times, and that I have failed to mention on my blog. Even though I mentioned the E.L.F. Shimmer Powder in my February Favorites I keep forgetting to talk about it and to write about this hidden gem of a highlighter. If you’re looking for a good and budget friendly highlighter, you may want to read on.

I don’t know how long ago E.L.F. released this product, but the packaging tells me it was a while ago. Probably before highlighting became the trend as this is called a Shimmer Powder, mine is in the shade pink. This is from their Essentials line and comes in the basic white and clear packaging from that line and costs $2. A measly $2.

ELF Shimmer Powder pink

Inside you have a small brush that isn’t anything special but it can get the job done. Underneath the brush is a small mirror, which is about the size of my thumb. As for the powder itself, there is a whopping 6g (or .2oz) of product in there. Unless you highlight your entire face, 6g is sure to last a long time.

The texture of this powder is not perfect or mind blowing, I did not expect that for the price anyway. It is smooth and soft so brushes can pick up a decent amount of product, however that also means that it kicks up a decent amount of product. As you can kind of see, after a while when the top layer has worn off the texture begins to get grainy. Not significant but I have seen people complain about that with other products and thought I’d mention it.

ELF Shimmer Powder pink

What matters most is how it looks on the skin, and I think it looks wonderful. Although it is in the shade Pink, in the pan it looks like a baby, soft, bridal pink and it wears lighter than the above swatch. It also looks shimmery here but unless you build it up, and it is buildable, it gives more of a soft sheen. Because it is light and buildable, I think this could be ideal for someone new to highlighters. Longevity is not the best, it has not survived a work day I believe, but again for $2 I’m not upset.

The other downside is the availability. So far I have only seen the Shimmer Powders at WalMart, on the E.L.F. website, and a few times at the Dollar Tree. Is it a must have? No. Is it worth hunting down? Not really. But if you stumble upon it, why not?

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