April Ipsy Bag!

April Ipsy Glam bag 2016

Welcome to what is probably my last Ipsy Glam Bag for a while. In other words, this month’s bag has been the nudge I needed to cancel my Ipsy subscription after five or so months of debating. I am not a fan of their customer service model and when I pulled this bag out of my mailbox the pink envelope was barely sealed! I mean, a tiny sliver of adhesive was keeping the flap glued to the envelope and the rest was open like a clam. Not to say that April’s bag was a complete loss but as a whole Ipsy does not seem worth it to me anymore. Still, here is my April Glam Bag (don’t mind the salt)!

April Ipsy Glam bag 2016

The bag itself is alright in my opinion. It is made of canvas or a thick cloth and opens up well, big plus as I like to use these as makeup bags for my purse. The design though has me torn. It is suitable for the season and the essence of the season but the colors are not my favorite (reminder, I hate 95% of things orange).

April Ipsy Glam bag 2016

Two pur~lisse BeautyBlue Lotus + White Tea Sheet Mask & Blue Lotus + Seaweed Sheet Mask worth $16. If I had to choose between traditional masks and sheet masks, I will choose the former but I’ll give these a try. At $8 each they are something that I would definitely not buy normally. However, it is nice that they included two and counted them as one of five items.

April Ipsy Glam bag 2016

Here is a mouthful: Nomad CosmeticsNOMAD x Marrakesh Intense Eyeshadow in Desert Sands. Full disclosure, when I pulled this out of the bag I wondered what cheap crap Ipsy had sent me because I have never ever heard of this brand and the packaging really does feel cheap. The color inside tough is very pretty, making this one of the products in this bag I can’t wait to use. It is full size but normally it comes in a six shadow palette that retails for $47 so this would be about $7.80.

When I saw the Probelle Nail laquer in In Or Out, I knew I was giving it away. This is the second purple polish Ipsy sends me and this purple is not my cup of me. Being an ex polish addict I thought I knew every decent polish brand out there but this one slipped by me it seems. It is full size and retails for $6.

April Ipsy Glam bag 2016

The other product I am excited to try is the tarte Cosmetics LipSurgence Lip Creme in Wonder. Again, a product that I normally would not buy due to the price tag so it is nice to receive it from Ipsy. This is half the normal size at .05oz and worth $12.

Next to is the Nomad CosmeticsNOMAD x Marrakesh Intense Eyeshadow in Desert Sands, just to show the wonderful color inside.

April Ipsy Glam bag 2016

To sum everything up, this bag and the reason I am done with Ipsy (or so I say), is this Crown Brush C427 Duo Fiber Blush Brush. The last Crown brush they sent me was a disaster and I don’t see this being any different. It looks like a foundation paddle brush but I guess it is a blush brush. And though it feels soft enough, brushing it against my fingers I can just tell it will not be a smooth and even application. Think of a flip book and how smoothly the pages flip, and now think of some of those pages sticking together and trying to flip through it. That is how this brush feels. Retail price is $9.49.

Overall bag worth this month: $51.29. This bag is $1o a month and I know that I usually get a 400%-500% ROI, but numbers only say so much. The Crown brush basically paid for the bag but am I going to use that brush? No. When I look at the products I actually like or use from each bag, I’m probably looking at a much smaller number than the one above. I have discovered a couple of brands through this subscription and I truly hope not to sound picky or snobby, but I feel that Ipsy is not delivering on their promise. I am also pretty sure the term “Ipsy brand” has been coined to describe any product or you have never ever heard of until Ipsy unloaded their average performing products on you.

Ten dollars is not breaking the bank, but I think I’ll take those $10 and buy something I know I will like at Ulta. Bye Felicia!

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2 thoughts on “April Ipsy Bag!

    • Not to mention their “points rewards” are a joke! Two weeks ago they had Essence color correcting sticks or something for 250 points. Really? Essence?!
      Plus the EM Beauty products? Stop trying to make them happen! EM Beauty is not going to happen!

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