eBay Gold Metal Brushes | RT Bold Metals Collection Dupes

ebay RT gold brushes

Next on my list of posts I need to put up: these Real Techniques makeup brush dupes from eBay. I saw these on Reddit in late November and ordered them the next day as I was in need of makeup brushes and the price could not be beat. While I waited for mine to arrive I saw them popping up on the Instagrams of a couple of my favorite bloggers and even a recommended video on Youtube. They arrived in early December and four months later, here they are on the blog.

Apologies to anyone who is offended by these eBay dupes, fakes, whatever you want to call them, but this seven piece set was cheaper than a single original and girl is on a budget. Shrug.

ebay RT gold brushes

I can’t find the link to the specific seller I bought mine from but a search of “gold metal makeup brushes” should bring these up fairly quickly. Here is one such result with more at the bottom, they are all the same item with “different” prices. Once you add in shipping they all cost the same, $10 give or take.

These are without a doubt beautiful brushes. They all have long, triangular, metallic handles in gold, pink, and silver. The color of each handle “bleeds” into the bristles making them even lovelier.

So for $10 you get seven brushes that I am about to break down. I’ll refer to them by their numbers and the names of their authentic counter parts.

ebay RT gold brushes

Starting with the 100s or the “Base” brushes. The 100 is the Arched Powder Brush, big and fluffy for loose powders, all over powders, however you like to use these big brushes. I haven’t used this as much as I thought I would because it is a tapered brush and doesn’t pick up product like I would like it to. Very soft and fluffy though.

The 101 is the Triangle Foundation Brush and I should just give it away actually. I am not a fan of these kinds of foundation brushes, I don’t like painting my foundation on and this brush absorbs a lot of product. No, no.

ebay RT gold brushes

The 200 or “Eyes” brushes are my least used and the set that least resembles the originals. The 200 is the Oval Shadow Brush for all over shadow applciation. It’s big, wide, and dense for a shadow brush, picks up product well but I find it awkward to use on my lid.

The 201 should be the Pointed Crease Brush but it is far from pointed. It is round and again, too big and dense for a crease brush.

The 202 Angled Liner Brush sits untouched in my brush holder. The shape is good but seen head on it is a bit dense for a clean line. I just have no use for this kind of brush and will probably be giving this away as well.

ebay RT gold brushes

The 300 “Finish” brushes are my favorites in this set, and not just because they are pink. The 300 Tapered Blush Brush is one of my favorite blush brushes. It is flexible and not too dense, perfect for ultra pigmented blushes as it picks up just enough product with a tap. Before this brush came into my life I could hardly use my E.L.F. Blush Palettes because they were too pigmented for my other brushes, but this turned things around.

The 301 Flat Contour Brush is a thick, dense brush that changed my contour game, or rather it gave me a contour game. It picks up a lot of product and blends it well while giving you a clear contour line to blend. Other brushes I tried did not give me precise control of my contour and it ended up looking muddy but this brush gives you a clean line to blend as you wish. Does that make sense?

And every single brush, no matter how dense, is incredibly soft even after multiple washes and with zero fall out. For a $10 eBay gamble, these a win. They come out to $1.40 each but since I only repeatedly use three of the brushes let us say they come out to $3.33 which is still a steal.


If you haven’t noticed yet, I am quite happy with this set and I would even buy it again as a gift. I know many people have reservations when it comes to dupes, fakes, eBay, and a combination of all three, however you might find a real gem, just be sure to do some research 🙂

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