April Favorites

April Favorites

It is April Favorites time and instead of the repetitive and boring “Oh my god, where did the month go?” I have more of a “Wow, I’ve been doing this for a year!” feeling. Just over a year ago I started this blog as a hobby and sanity saver and though it has not always been easy to keep to keep it up, here I am a year later, still going at it and to me that is quite a feat. Without further ado, this month’s favorites.

April Favorites

By looking at it you couldn’t tell but this Sweet Pea Fine Fragrance Mist from Bath & Body Works has been my favorite fragrance this month. Sweet pea is one of my favorite fragrances of all time yet I don’t have more of it and I seem to forget how much I like it until smell it again, strange. I can’t describe scents very well but this smells like spring.

April Favorites

Oldies but goodies, lip products I bought just about a year ago and have just now started wearing. On the left is the a P2 Sheer Glam Lipstick in Perfect Match. A vibrant red-orange with a smooth, creamy, comfortable formula. I hope there are some new shades available to pick up when I’m in Germany this month!

Next to it is an Essence XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss in a shade whose name has worn off, oops.

April Favorites

To be honest, there is nothing special about this lipgloss and after a few minutes the pigment settles into lines and separates from the actual gloss. Somehow, I still keep wearing it, a lot.

April Favorites

I finally got around to trying Maybelline’s Lash Sensational mascara and it ended up on this list! I won’t write a review about it because there are plenty out there already, but I will say that though I have to work a little with this mascara it is worth it. I want to try the waterproof version next in hopes it’s less of a hassle, but again the hassle is still worth the volume and thickness this gives my lashes.

No surprise, the BH Cosmetics Bombshell Bronzer in Starlet is my everything right now. I want to wear it everyday, I love how it looks, I will be packing this for my vacation, I should be panning this by the end of summer. I’m trying to cut down on hyperboles and reserving the use of “love” but I think I love those ya’ll.

sonia kashuk brush

And to apply it I have been using this big brush from Sonia Kashuk. It came in a holiday set I bought on clearance at Target and it has been the perfect brush for applying the aforementioned bronzer.

Usually I have more favorites but that bronzer and lipstick have been enough for me all month, they are mega favorites. What have ya’ll been loving this month?

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