Germany Haul (with tons of pictures!)

Germany Hau;

I am back! Or rather I have been back and quite busy. Today I have the first part of my Germany haul, some fun products and some boring products but exciting for me all the same as the German drugstore is where I got my start. Surprisingly I did not buy as much as I thought I would which prompted my boyfriend to ask if I had been taken over by an imposter. Anyway, can’t wait to catch up on everyone’s blog and here we go!

Germany Hau;-2

Right at the top of my shopping was the Suddenly Madame Glamour from Lidl. It is a dupe for Chanel’s Mademoiselle though it doesn’t last as long I don’t expect so for €5 versus €100. Nonetheless, I adore this scent and even the lady at checkout said, “Ahh, Chanel…” Another €5 scent I will be using up quickly is this Indian Night Jasmine eau de Toilette from The Body Shop. Fragrantica describes the scent with “notes of sandalwood, violet leaves, orange blossom and jasmine.” Sure, I’m not expert so let’s go with that.

Germany Hau;-12

Now for some boring items: razors and deodorant. A six-pack of Venus disposables is only €2 in Germany! Sure it they only have two blades but even the Target Up & Up equivalent is twice as much. I also bought some an eight-pack of Balea three blade razors, again no more than €2.

Sticking with Balea,I bought six of their deodorants for €0.55 each. They are ridiculously affordable, come in a variety of scents, and I do like them quite a lot. These items may be seem weird to haul overseas but they are necessities so I may as well buy them while they’re cheap, right?

Germany Hau;-14

Before I continue, I have to include these older items that are probably only available on Amazon now but they mean something to me. After I left Germany last year I still wanted to keep up with the trends and the brands so when my boyfriend could he would check out the drugstore for limited edition items he could snag for me.

Germany Hau;-15

From the Essence Nauti Girl collection he found the blush, Anchors Aweigh!, and an eyeshadow palette in Cool Breeze. I saw pictures of some of these products on an Essence social media page recently, so maybe they’re bringing these to Ulta or Target soon? Fingers crossed!

Germany Hau;-22

My very amazing boyfriend (sorry, but he really is!) also snagged this travel set from the Catrice Travel De Luxe collection. The pans look small but they are packed! That is a full sized bronzer and a half blush and half highlighter, all of which look great together even on my C4 complexion.

Germany Hau;-24

Bronzer, highlight, blush, pink eyeshadow, blue eyeshadow, black liner, cream liner

The rest of the palette I don’t care for as much, but the packaging like almost all Catrice LE packaging is gorgeous and it’s the thought that counts.

Germany Hau;-21

The last LE product my boyfriend was this highlighter from the P2 Beyond Lagoon collection, in Glow.

Germany Hau;-18

The packing on this highlighter is what I imagine a mermaid’s hand mirror might look like. P2 rarely disappoints and if you ever have a chance to visit a DM you should bee-line it to their display.

Germany Hau;-7

A haul from DM, the German drugstore, would not be complete without some face masks! Ranging from €0.45-0.55, I picked up more than a few Schaebens and Balea pouches. One night I even talked my boyfriend into doing one with me and I think he even liked it.

Germany Hau;-8

I have had such good luck with Balea products before I decided to give one of their eye creams a go. This one is for dark circles and tired eyes, at €3 it is low risk and many times cheaper than anything I’ve seen at Target here. Next to it is a cucumber eye gel from Boots for £1.50 that I picked up on my layover in London. I’m not sure it has done much but it is hydrating, and I couldn’t go into a Boots and leave empty handed!

Germany Hau;-38

I’ll cap this post with Balea shampoo. I have used these pink bottles and well you know by now that I love everything from Balea! These are about €0.60 each, smell wonderful, look cute in the shower, and they work. On my next visit I will have to bring back a larger supply, damn.

That does it for today, more to come later! Mostly blush, which now my favorite makeup item based on how much of it I own. Yikes!

Bis gleich and don’t forget to follow!




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