My Affordable and Practical Makeup Storage (Tips)

makeup storage

For someone who loves makeup and runs a beauty blog, I have never written about my makeup storage and I’m fixing that today. I don’t have luxurious acrylic storage, I don’t have the iconic Alex drawers, and I don’t have a glamorous vanity or “battle station.” I tend to move, a lot, and I need affordable and practical storage solutions for my makeup. Which is exactly what I’m sharing with you today.

But first I want to thank MakeSpace for inspiring me to make this post (finally), when I heard about their “Store Your Stash” idea. MakeSpace is a storage company and service with locations throughout the U.S. I myself recently moved and found their blog in the process, was in contact with them and found out about their new project on makeup storage, and I jumped at the opportunity to help out by sharing my three little storage tips!

I’m excited to see the final result of their  “Store Your Stash” project because it looks realistic and doable. Not Pinterest “doable” but real life doable and I will try to post an update on their project.

My makeup storage is not the stuff of YouTube “makeup room” videos, more like a Pinterest “10 Storage Hacks (You Already Have)!” So rather than giving a comprehensive inventory of my makeup, I want to share three tips for makeup storage.

makeup storage

Empty Candle Jars — These are by far my favorites to use and reuse. I love the three-wick candles from Bath & Body Works, they smell great and the jars are big, wide, and come with a lid. I use them for my makeup brushes, for cotton balls, for bobby pins, and for lipstick storage.

makeup storage

This snowman helps me keep all my bobby pins in one place. I also use one for spare change a.k.a. laundry quarters. Sometimes I try to buy candles with colored or textured jars for prettier storage.

makeup storage

Dollar Store baskets — Sometimes they are three for $1 or $1 each, either way they are very affordable and they help me keep my blushes semi-organized. I keep a few in a plastic 5-drawer cart to separate blushes and highlighters, eyeshadows and IPSY fails, nail polish and face masks. Otherwise everything would be rocking and rolling around and I would be digging every morning. The color selection is limited, but if you’re more creative than me I’m sure you can jazz them up with some craft paint.

makeup storage

Apologies for the dirty E.L.F. blush palette and the yellow toned photo. Moving is messy.

makeup storage

Makeup bag — Not what you typically think of with these posts, but it keeps me organized and efficient in the morning. Here I store my everyday essentials: foundation, mascara, lash curler, all in one place together to speed up my mornings. (If I plan my outfit ahead of time I can even throw a blush in there, more about that here).

makeup storage

My blog is all about affordable makeup and skincare, how I store them is no exception. Whether you are on a budget or have limited space, I hope you enjoyed this post. If not for the tips then at least for the pretty photos.

Bis gleich! (And don’t forget to follow!)

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