Germany Haul | Part 2 | Blush and More Blush

Germany Haul

How about that “Oops!” moment when you find a draft you never scheduled or posted? Better late than never I suppose. If you missed part I of my Germany haul, here it is, even if just to look at pretty pictures of makeup.

I hope you like blush because as the title implies, there is a lot of blush in part two of my Germany haul. In fact, I have been thinking of doing a blush declutter as I am now nearing 40 blushes. Don’t judge… However, I also picked up a few neat pieces that are not blush that I am also very excited about! 

Germany Haul-36

Jumping straight in with the first blushes I bought on my trip, these two from P2. I think there are three or four shades of their Glow Touch Compact Blushes of which I picked up two. These are €2.75and so lovely I picked up two even though I said I would only get one.

Germany Haul-37

On the left is Touch of Berry and on the right is Touch of Peony. These are not matte or shimmery, they just glow as the name implies. I could stare all day.

Germany Haul-27

How about some bronzer for a girl who is still learning how to use it? Admittedly, I bought this for the packaging or embossing if that is more correct. (Sorry about that smudge, the price sticker put up a good fight.) The Essence Lights Of Orient collection had some seriously stunning packaging, unfortunately this is the only item I could find from said collection. This is in the shade Oriental Beauty, there were two shades and this is the darker of the two. Even if it only sits on my future dream vanity, at least I found it on clearance.

Germany Haul-31

Back to blush with the P2 Sunshine Goddess Venus Beauty blushes from their Sunshine Goddess collection. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the appearance of these blushes… Talk about products that are too pretty to use! These were €3.50 and visually worth the search.

Germany Haul-35

On the left is Sensual Rose and on the right is Delicate Peach. I am not sure if the pigmentation really is not there or if I have been too cautious of the silver border in my swatching and wearing that I am not picking up enough product. Hmmm…

Germany Haul-13

More mundane products, that I really really like. Toothpaste for €0.60 and cotton rounds for €0.85 a pack of 140. More essentials I needed to buy when I came home anyway and more essentials that were way cheaper in Germany than Target. But what I am most excited about is this Balea Reinigungs Milch, or cleansing milk. I almost don’t want to say it, but I think I like this more than Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple which is $24. This Balea cleanser is €0.75 or $0.85 for the same amount of product. Pause for dramatic effect*

Germany Haul-6

Where to start with tools? I bought a pencil sharpener for €1 at Primark and an incredibly soft facial brush for €1.50. This face brush is so soft I look forward to washing my face at night. Above that is a facial massager I found for €5 at The Body Shop. (Link for information on it.) At the top is an Ebelin lash curler from DM, of which I had heard good things about but I always thought “A curler is a curler is a curler.” Well I was wrong, I now fully appreciate a good curler, and this €3 piece is just that.

Germany Haul-29

Lastly, more blush. Months ago my boyfriend said he saw blushes were 30% off at Rossmann, the other German drugstore, should he pick some up? I asked for Catrice blushes and this is what he came up with. Thankfully, I like them all and it is still the thought that counts. There are two Defining Blushes, which I could now only find at Müller the other drugstore, and two Illuminating Blushes which are available everywhere including Ulta!

Germany Haul-30

Mandy-rine, Sunrose Avenue, Kiss Me Ken, Coral Me Maybe

These range from €3.50-5.00 I believe, not expensive but higher on the scale than say P2 or Essence. I knew I liked the Defining Blushes but the jury is still out on the Illuminating Blushes…

And that is my Germany haul! On my trip we also visited Sweden and Norway but I didn’t see, nor have I ever heard of, anything that I had to have or that was remarkably different to what we have here in the states. Also their prices, yikes.

German drugstores have so many great brands unavailable to me in California and they are constantly updating their products along with the limited edition collections they launch almost every month and it is all affordable. It’s drugstore heaven.

On the bright side of waiting or “waiting” so long to post this, I have had plenty of time to try these products and spoiler, I’m still liking it all.


Bis gleich!

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