The Importance of Pedicures


I readily admit that I am not the best at getting regular pedicures, manicures maybe but when it comes to my feet I am fine slathering my feetsies with a thick cream and pulling some comfy socks on. Aesthetics aside, pedicures and toe health (is that a thing?) should not be overlooked. I recently found out why, only after spending $90 on new shoes. Unnecessarily.

My big toe on my left foot had been in pain for a while, when I wore flats to work or sneakers to the gym I felt pressure on the outer corner of my big toe. Not much ruins a workout like having to go home because your toe hurts. I was convinced it was my shoes, they must have been worn out or ill-fitting and I drove to Nike next chance I had. (Thank goodness for outlet stores!)

Well, a few weeks later and with $90 less I was still in pain. Skip-everything-and-go-home-to-be-barefoot in pain. I was call-my-mom-for-advice-and-get-yelled-at in pain. She didn’t yell at me but told me it was probably an ingrown. I booked a pedi asap, told the tech what I felt and sure enough, he says: “It’s an ingrown. I’ll take care of it.”

I guess I pictured an ingrown as a graphic image from a textbook, I didn’t think that it could look almost normal and take a mere twenty minutes and $20 to fix (massage chair was a bonus).


Could I have prevented it? Probably, and here is how.

Better fitting shoes. Ever buy ballet flats that are a tad tight but you tell yourself, “I just need to wear them in!” Expedite and help the process by putting on two pairs of socks, put the flats on and blast your feet with a hair dryer. It will help expand the shoes and make them comfortable to wear in five minutes.

Do not cut your toenails short. Not too short anyway. Short nails can be more prone to becoming ingrown. Personally, I am the worst at this so…

Get more pedicures. At least get a pedicure at the first hint of big toe pain. Pedicures can add up and most salons offer a mani-pedi combo. Unless you are an acrobat you are not flexible enough to pull your foot up and get a proper cut or view and you may end up causing more harm, trust me on this one. Pedicures are more than a new coat of polish and a leg massage.

Find a reputable salon and in the words of Donna Meagle: “Treat yoself!”

On the bright side, I have an almost new pair of Nikes ready to go when my current pair wears out.

Bis gleich!

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