October Favorites

October 2016 favorites

The last time I posted my monthly favorites was April, I’d say I am overdo. It was tempting to do an all-encompassing post with every product I have adored since April but thought better of it. This month I moved, learned to time a new commute, bought nothing new, and appreciated what I had. I also used makeup to get myself in the autumn mood since it has been in the high seventies for most of the month.

elf blush palette in dark

How there is not a dent in this E.L.F. Blush Palette in Dark is a mystery. I used every single shade in here almost every day this month. Autumnal peach-coral, deep pinks, a wine shade and all very pigmented. I stand by my statement that these palettes are perfect for the minimalist makeup collection.

essence lipstick city cosmetics lipstick

Essence Longlasting Lipstick in On the Catwalk!

I bought this lipstick months ago and October was its time to shine. It is a bright berry shade, not fully opaque, with a cream sheen finish, and I find that fun. Fall lipsticks connote matte and serious, and neither I nor this California weather are quite ready for that so that lipstick gives me a bright and playful fall feel. And it’s comfortable on the lips, always a plus.

City Color City Chic Lipstick in Je T’aime

If the Essence lipstick is playful then this is my “serious” lipstick. Je T’aime is mauve shade, opacity and closer to a creme finish than On the Catwalk! They may look similar when switched but they look markedly different on my lips, or maybe the camera didn’t catch them properly. Both lipsticks provide some moisture which is always appreciated this time of year.

October 2016 favorites

Swatches of the my favorites so far. All four blushes from the E.L.F. palette, On the Catwalk, and Je T’aime.

October 2016 favorites

Mario Badescu A.H.A. & Ceramide Moisturizer

I don’t want to say too much about this moisturizer as I do plan on writing a full review, but it is here for a reason. In my experience with moisturizers, most hardly live up to their claims and I settle for the moisture itself. Not this one and I will probably stock up next time Mario Badescu is 5x points at Ulta.

My Name is Earl

My Name is Earl

Now for a fun favorite. I can not stop watching My Name is Earl on Netflix. It’s not new but I never followed it, if it happened to be on TV then I’d tune in and out. A well meaning redneck turning his life around after discovering karma; I think it’s funny and just the right amount of politically incorrect.


Bis gleich!

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