Easy Winter Nails

easy winter nails

So Christmas is next week, and it hardly feels like it. Last weekend I went to Arizona where it was sunny, hot, and I picked up some fresh tan lines, thus it definitely does not feel like winter to me but I am determined to get into the spirit! So today I want to quickly share my easy winter nails with you.

Some people wear a vampy limp to get into the autumn mood, likewise I’m using my nails to get a winter feeling. My camera’s memory card is also in the spirit, the Grinch spirit that is since it broke (literally) when I tried to upload pictures…

I used:

  • Essie’s Bikini So Teeny
  • Wet n Wild’s Kaleidoscope
  • A makeup sponge to apply Kaleidoscope

And presto! Easy peasy winter nails.


Happy holidays!

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