DIY Glitter Makeup Brushes

DIY Glitter Makeup Brushes

Life is better with glitter and I responsibly apply it to every thing I can, including makeup brushes. This year I have seen an increase in girly and cute sets of makeup brushes yet the majority are still plain old black. While I can’t show you how to carve your makeup brushes into unicorn horns, I can show you how to jazz them up for less than a dollar.

But first, let’s look at some of this year’s pretty brush sets.

With so many pretty makeup brushes out there, why settle for plain black ones?

DIY Glitter Makeup Brushes

Probably because they’re cheaper, duh. Now, I did this little project months ago and just realized it would make a good post so I won’t show the process but it’s pretty straightforward.

I began with a cheap set of makeup brushes from eBay, they were $8 with shipping and arrived in about two weeks. Quick review: the face brushes are decent, the eye brushes are ok and not well cut, they feel like an $8 set but I do reach for the face brushes a lot.

Next, I bought…

DIY Glitter Makeup Brushes

Wet n Wild Shine Nail Color in Sparked, on sale for under $1.

I grabbed each brush by the ferrule and started painting them. I painted half the brushes and used an unpainted one to rest them on and let them dry. Then I painted the other half and rested those on a brush that was already dry. Voilà!

Make sure to work in a ventilated area or open a window, don’t want the polish fumes to get to you.

DIY Glitter Makeup Brushes

You can also use the Wet n Wild polish in Kaleidoscope from my last post, you can do multicolor polkadots, maybe even striping tape for a candy cane look, the possibilities are endless!

How do ya’ll spruce up your brushes?

Bis gleich!

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