What’s In My Gym Bag – Beginner | Collab with MakeupBeautyAsh

What's in my gym bag

Happy New Year ya’ll! I hope everyone had a marvelous eve and that you’re not too hungover today. I am starting 2017 with a collab with Ashley from MakeupBeautyAsh and we’re going to share what is in our gym bags. If you made a get-fit resolution or just want to see what people carry in their gym bags, this is the place for you.

Ashley is a certified personal trainer and I am a cardio junkie, so we have both ends of the workout spectrum covered. 

I am not going to include my gym clothes, but of course I carry: running shoes and socks, pants if I’m running or shorts if I’m on the elliptical, a sports bra, and a shirt. Headphones sometimes to listen to a podcast, but most of the time I find myself watching whatever is on the TVs in the cardio area.

What's in my gym bag

Fjällraven Kånken Backpack

Not a gym bag, it’s my backpack from college (still has my “I survived PR 192” pin) but it is sturdy and big enough for what I carry (shoes and gym clothes). You can find Adidas gym bags at Ross for $13 but I already had this and it works for me. Plus it’s pink and it’s Swedish, two of my favorite things.

What's in my gym bag

Combination Lock

Always carry a lock in your bag! I prefer putting my purse in my locker than in the trunk of my car so I really need a lock. They’re about $4 at Target and can save you hundreds. No gym is ever responsible for lost or stolen item, COA and get a lock.

Jewelry Bag

A cute little bag to put my jewelry in. Most of the time I go to the gym straight from work and change there so I carry this nondescript bag to safely store my jewelry. My watch won’t get lost in my backpack, but finding my nose ring in there or the thought of my nice earrings getting scratched up, eeek!

What's in my gym bag

Makeup Wipes

Again, I go to the gym straight from work and I carry makeup wipes to remove my makeup before a workout. Besides looking silly with blush and a maroon lip on the treadmill, working out and sweating with makeup on can’t be good for your skin. I do keep my eyebrows and mascara in place though haha. Makeup wipes aren’t my favorite but carrying cotton rounds and micellar water to the gym is too much.

Underarm Deodorant Wipes

Pacifica describes these as “Great for times when showering is not an option” like when I run errands or meet people after the gym. My gym is downtown, literally in the middle of downtown and I don’t always go straight home to shower after working out. Enter these deodorant wipes so I can run to the grocery store or to the bar to watch the hockey game.


Now a tip: as soon as you get home take out the dirty clothes and put in a fresh change. This way your bag is ready to go the next morning and you can grab it on the go. Better yet, always keep it in your car so you’re always ready to go. I can’t tell you how many times I forgot my bag at home or had a bad day and wished I had my gym bag in my car so I could go run it off.

Lastly, know that everybody at the gym is too focused on their own workout to notice what you’re doing so don’t be afraid!

Don’t forget to check out Ashley’s blog and her post, she has some really cool stuff that I need to pick up for my own gym bag!

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