Where have I been?

santa cruz

Clearly I have not been writing and posting as much as I want to, so what have I been doing instead? The short answer is traveling and starting a new job. The long answer is below.


Last month I accompanied a friend on a business trip to Phoenix for a weekend. Funnest weekend of my life! We met so many wonderful people in Scottsdale, we saw some beautiful Southwestern landscapes (I loooove the Southwest!), and we fell in love with Arizona.

Sadly we had to return home and I would spend the next couple of weeks walking and talking circles around my future. Do I stay, do I go? Where do I go? Between job applications and trying not to go crazy watching “The Real”, I didn’t prioritize blogging.

the lonely planet, germany

And then I headed to Germany to visit my boyfriend for the holidays. We visited two new¬†cities, ate a lot of wurst, and talked about my career and what I should do next. It’s great to have his support in that, and my best friend too; I wrote her a long e-mail about it when I wasn’t freezing my fingers off in Germany.

I wanted to make the most out of my time with my boyfriend so I didn’t blog except for the What’s In My Gym Bag¬†with MakeupBeautyAsh.


One of the new cities we visited was Dresden, a remarkable and beautiful city. We also went to Nuremberg but the sights there were of a darker theme, interesting but dark. Then I came home.

I packed up my old office, watched an ocean sunset, and last Tuesday I started a new job. Orientation, getting accustomed to a new office, new commute, new schedule, it has been a whirlwind. But a fun whirlwind. My new job is awesome, my new team is amazing, the company is bananas, and I am truly thankful and grateful for my good luck.

And hopefully I can get back to writing about blush soon.


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