Empties no.1

makeup empties

This post is uncharted territory for me, even after a year and half of blogging. I have never done an empties post, partly because I am too forgetful and toss everything in the bin and partly because it takes me three months to collect enough bottles for a single post. These are empties from about October to mid-January, for as many products as I have I don’t go through them that fast.

makeup empties

Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara

This is disgustingly old and I was holding on to it as a wand reference, but it’s time to throw it out. It’s been a while since I used this but I remember loving it. It has a rubber wand, my fave, and it lengthens and separates. It’s not as pricey as the $24 Roller Lash but at $10 it’s up there, and probably worth it. Also, it looks like it’s available on the Target website?

Repurchase: probably.

Roller Lash 

This mini size was my birthday gift from Ulta and I liked it more than I wanted to. It is my ideal mascara as it thickens, gives volume, lengthens, and separates. No flaking, easy to remove, and I enjoyed the wand. Is that a weird thing to say? I enjoyed the mascara wand?

Repurchase: no, Maybelline has a damn good dupe.

Sexy Booster™ Va Va Voom Volume Mascara

The Sexy Booster Cat Eye Collection Mascara was so good to me I decided to try it’s sister mascara and it was not great. It didn’t feel like the wand was depositing much product on my lashes and when it did it felt like it was making my lashes slightly wet with no visible difference. My lashes are needy and this was not up to task, to be honest there is probably product still in there. I kept this tube in hopes of reviewing it but now I’m just glad to get it out of my collection.

Repurchase: nope.

Wet N Wild Megalast (something) Eyeliner

For me this was a massive upgrade from their wood pencil liner I bought religiously for years. It is black, smooth, and an easy twist up for $3. However it transfers quite a bit, at least it for my when I tightlined only my upper lid. I’ve since found a better liner for the same price, much better.

Repurchase: no.

Wet N Wild False Lashes in Shutter Stock

These have been sitting in a drawer for a year now. Originally bought as a practice set from the Dollar Tree  I wore these two or three, they lost their shape and fell to the back of the drawer where I kept them for I don’t know what. As far as looks go, these are not natural looking in the least. Maybe these belong in my upcoming destashing post, either way it’s time to let go.

Repurchase: no.

makeup empties

Bath & Body Works Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte /Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Body Lotion, Shower Gel & Body Cream

Obviously I love Bath & Body Works products, however I am trading in the body lotions for body creams from now on. They feel more nourishing, less runny. Oh and the scent, self explanatory. Pumpkin, marshmallow, sweetness, appropriate for the season. It takes me about three months to fully use up a body wash (which doubles as shaving cream for me), and half that time per lotion/cream. How do people go through these faster?!

Repurchase: not this scent.

Balea Deoderant

It’s a deodorant, it gets the job done, most of the time anyway, and it’s cheap. When it dries it tends to turn white and flaky, but otherwise it works great for me. I buy a bunch every time I go to Germany so I’m set for a while but I think next time I will return to an old favorite, see how that stands up.

Repurchase: yes.

makeup empties

Batiste Dry Shampoo

This is my fourth or fifth can since I started buying it, that is saying something for someone who constantly says: “Yeah it was good, but let me try this other brand/product.” Batiste comes in a variety of scents and designs and it gives my hair semi-natural movement. Recently I tried a different brand that kind of did the job and left my hair feeling stiff, meh.

Repurchase: yes.

Head & Shoulders

I have dandruff for a variety of reasons: stress, dirty hair, hard water. Whatever the reason, Head & Shoulders is the weekly cure. I buy it because it’s the easiest to grab off the shelf, it works, and it doesn’t have a medicinal smell like other products I used when I was younger. Use it once, maybe twice a week, and I’m set.

Repurchase: yes.

Balea Seidenglanz Shampoo & Spülung (silk sheen shampoo & conditioner)

I feel as though I have raved about this recently, but let me rave some more. From the moment it pours into my hand my hair feels relieved because the shampoo itself feels silky smooth, on the runny side and a strong frangipani scent. It lathers very well which makes it easy to spread through my long hair, whether I use a normal amount to wash my hair or a little to restore some silky smoothness to my hair after using a cleansing shampoo. (Yup, I have three shampoos on rotation.) And it is insanely cheap, €1 for the pair.

Repurchase: yes!

makeup empties

biedermann Créaline H2O Micellar Water

The one, the only, the original. I think I like the brandname more than anything, to be very honest. It is a great product and it works very well but given the scarcity of Bioderma and the rise of micellar waters stateside, I don’t know that it’s worth it. More honesty: if I used too much it stung my eyes.

Repurchase: maybe.

Garner Skin Renew Dark Spot Anti-Sun Damage

Basically a moisturizer with SPF. Sure it saves you the time of applying two separate products, I didn’t see any advantage to using this over my regular products. Besides, I like separate products because I don’t always want built-in SPF. It is either discontinued or repackaged with a $10 price tag.

Repurchase: no.

Britney Spears Hidden Fantasy

Her perfumes are my guilty pleasure, ever since Curious came out in high school and my mom gave me the gift set for Christmas. Add Hidden Fantasy to the list of perfumes I have managed to finish, all of them from Britney. Can you tell I like them? This one was on the musky, sensual, still feminine side, as far as I can describe. I found it at Ross for $10 and as much as I like it, I won’t repurchase simply because I want to try another of her scents. Maybe I should also finish one of my other ten perfumes too…

Repurchase: no.

Seche Vite

I guess this belongs in my destash post because it’s not empty. It became thick and goopy so I bought another. Either way, I swear by and cannot live without this quick drying top coat. It also smells like a nail salon to me, and I like it.

Repurchase: yes.

Tucker Ashley Perfecting Moisturizer

It came in an IPSY bag, I kept it for travel, nothing remarkable.

Repurchase: no.


And that will do it, I probably won’t have enough empties for another post until…April haha. Soon I’ll have a destash post and I guess these will make up for not having January favorites. I really changed it up every day this month so there no clear winners.

Bis gleich!

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