Milani Rose Powder Blush in Tea Rose

Milani Rose Powder Brush in Tea Rose

Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it to to post about “old” products, products that have been in stores for months or years. Maybe. It still gives me sanity so here it goes…

What girly girl wouldn’t want this beautiful blush in their collection? The Milani Rose Powder Blushes have been around for over a while I and I picked up my first one last, last December. It’s been a while but long enough to write about it. Mine is in the shade Tea Rose, Continue reading


Destash no.1

makeup destash

Coming up on two years of blogging and I am just getting around to some proper destashing. There were things I looked at everyday and wondered why I still had them, and there were products in stores I lusted after and never bought because I had so much stuff at home.  Continue reading