Destash no.1

makeup destash

Coming up on two years of blogging and I am just getting around to some proper destashing. There were things I looked at everyday and wondered why I still had them, and there were products in stores I lusted after and never bought because I had so much stuff at home. 

makeup destash

Starting with IPSY crap, the crap the first came to mind with the word “destash.” Four or five of these are untouched and I will give them to friends or family, it was simply that I have no use or desire for them and they were making a clutter in my drawer. They even brought up my rage against IPSY, petty I know.

Nourish Organic Rejuvenating Rose Hip & Rosewater Body Oil Mist

This is supposed to smooth and soften skin but I can’t be bothered, really. Oil mist in a tube? What? One of many no name brands that IPSY loves to send out, a product I might use and never again and that is no way to treaty your skin.

Perfect Forumla Pink Gel Coat

“Strengthens, brightens, protects.” I wouldn’t know, it’s not a product I need or one that I was excited about so it just sat there, completely forgotten. Until now.

Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics Liquid Gossamer

I think this is a liquid highlighter? When swatched and blended out it disappears, or you can choose to not blend it (it will feel wet) and you get a subtle, frosty pink highlight. And apologies for sounding so flippant toward these products but they’re pointless samples to me.

Model Co Lip Lacquer in Socialite

It’s a lipgloss, brands these days are rebranding and renaming it but it’s lipgloss. Shiny, sticky, gone-with-one-bite lipgloss. This one looks red in the tube but wears more like a watermelon color. And very sticky.

Vintage by Jessica Liebeskind Sparkling Lipgloss in Pink Sequin

I think the name says it all…

Model Co Lipliner

This should have gone a long time ago. The cap broke right after I got it, mea culpa, and it’s just a nude lipliner. The formula is nice but there is nothing spectacular about it and so I’ll stick to my Essence lipliners.

makeup destash

I throw these away with sadness and bitterness. Wet n Wild makes beautiful lipsticks but in shoddy packaging. Look at these cracks and chips, and I like to think I am careful with them. Or at least I don’t toss them and let them roll around in my purse. This is only the beginning, the more that break the more I will throw away and replace with similar shades in better packaging (hellooo Milani lipsticks).

makeup destash

Estée Lauder Lipgloss

I want to say these were a gift with purchase that a friend gave to me. I held on to them for the pretty tubes but these two are frosty and glittery and I have no use for them. My 11-year-old self would have loved these though!

Me Now Long Lasting Lipgloss in 01 and 16

Generally I am a fan of these $1 eBay liquid lipsticks but these shades are wrong for me. A Barbie bright pink an a Barbie muted pink, colors that maybe only look good in editorials but certainly not on me.

w7 Lip Paints

I was so excited when I found these hidden in a little Dutch store, and I was never excited again. The formula was runny, splotchy, eneven, all around underwhelming. I think they were supposed to be liquid lipsticks or tints but the formula wasn’t there.

Essence Lipsticks in Come Naturally and Glastonburry

Nudes. I like Essence lipsticks and their formula but these shades are just awful on me, they drain the color from my face and I look like a corpse. I’ll pass these on to someone with a skin tone more suited.

E.L.F. ExTra Lipgloss in Brian

As far as pale pinks and lipgloss go, I quite liked this. It’s in this pile because it’s old, the formula is cracking in the tube and if I recall correctly it felt somewhat oily. I thought about trying it one last time but life is too short to wear a bad lip product.

makeup destash

Every lip product I destashed, in no order.

makeup destash


Manhattan Powder Rouge in Fresh Peach

It looks gorgeous in pan but blends out to nothing, at least on me. So I cannot speak for wear time or what have you. Sorry.

Got2Be Gel

This left my hands and fingers feeling extra sticky and looked white when dry. Once dry don’t even think of touching your hair, white flakes will fly off. I don’t use a lot of gel so I bought this small tube and even that I’m regretting.

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Trio

These are a hard pass. They don’t last long, they’re pricey, and they can’t be sharpened. I think I said this in my review too but here I go again: what’s with the insanely long name?

Target Scissors

I use these to cup open packaging, cut makeup wipes in half, general make up needs. They were good to me for years but they’re old and dull now so in the trash they go.

And that’s what I am getting rid of, tossing or gifting, this round. I try to research as many products as I can before buying them but some products look different on screen or in swatches or they look different on your skin tone. Some products are hardly talked about, so no matter how much googling you do or how many YouTube videos you watch there will always be trial and error.


Bis gleich!

2 thoughts on “Destash no.1

  1. Too bad about the WnW lipstick packaging – I guess the pricepoint just can’t afford higher quality plastic?
    Physician’s Formula always have long names for their products – I think they think it sounds more official?
    Great job on destashing!


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