February Favorites

February favorites

Happy March ya’ll! I can honestly and without cliché say that March snuck up on me. Hell, mid-February snuck up on me and whatever half-thought plans I had in mind went out the window. I think I can also say that I had fun with makeup and blogging in February, a turn around from the previous month or two, with my first destash and empties post. And now, I also have February favorites. Products that I looked at mid-month and said, “Oh yes, you are a going in there!”

Milani rose blush, wet n wild rose champagne

Wet n Wild Color Icon Blush in Rosé Champagne

Last year I reviewed this blush and said it was not for me, yet I held on to it. Good thing because now I am loving it! It is still too pale for me to stand on it’s own but I use it as a blush base for my peachy-apricot blushes and it adds a little oomph! to the look. I was about to give it to a friend with fair skin when I picked up and I’ve had a hard time putting it down since.

Milani Rose Powder Blush in Tea Rose

When I did put it down though, I picked up this Milani blush. Another blush that I initially wrote off (didn’t mention that in my review) but due to it’s pretty package I held on and it has now won me over. More and more I find myself reaching for it when I don’t know what else to put on my cheeks.

essence eyeliner brush

Inspr Angled Brush

A rare IPSY win. Can you hear the disdain in that? I’ve been in a winged-eye mood lately and I’ve been using this to clean up my wings rather than apply them. I dip this in micellar water and carefully clean up a messy, elongated, or chubby wing. It has not left my makeup bag in weeks.

Essence Angled Brush

Sorry that it’s dirty…I picked this up months ago at Ulta in hopes that it would make a good brow pomade brush. It took a while to put down my trusty Milani brush in favor of this and it works! It’s not as thin or stiff as the Milani brush but it works wonderfully and I no longer live in fear of my Milani brush biting the dust. I may even pick up another one, it was less than $2 I think.

Essence I love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara

Holy grail product right here. Every time I finish a tube, go test a new mascara, come back to this and ask myself why I strayed in the first place. I’ve been using this mascara since I started blogging and I’m not sure if I’ve declared my love for it in a post. If I have then yay and if not then stay tuned. But the reason I am including it this month, the reason it stood out to me this month after trying a few others is how easy it comes off with micellar water (and other makeup removers, probably). Other mascaras feel dry through the cotton pad, stubborn, are a hassle. Not this, and I truly appreciate that.

February favorites

Suddenly Madame Glamour

I’ll be honest, this is a €5 Lidl dupe for Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, and I have a backup, and I’ll probably buy another backup on my next Germany trip (this one is almost empty). Whether I can afford a $100 perfume or not doesn’t matter if I can get a dupe for a fraction of the price. Is it a 100% dupe in scent and quality? Probably not, but it’s good enough for me.

Clarisonic Mia 2

Clarisonic Mia FIT

I swear since I’ve started using the Clarisonic my skin has been glowing! It puts my little manual face brushes to shame, it puts me to shame for mocking the price tag for years, and it makes me very very thankful that my mom gave it to me for Christmas. I’ll need to do a review on it soon but let me say that if it broke I would have no qualms buying a new one.

Now I know I left out a product or two…Hopefully I can blog more this month, I had fun writing this post and I hadn’t had fun blogging in a while. I will at least get a haul up since my birthday is coming up so stay tuned.


Bis gleich!

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