Review | Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara

ESSENCE  Lash Princess Volume Mascara

I think I need to set myself reminders to blog since it’s the end of March and the last time I posted was….The days melt together and I keep finding weekend activities to keep me busy. With the days getting longer and hence better lighting for photos, I hope to be better about it. Fingers crossed.

Sooo, I’ve had this mascara since Christmas and it’s been hiding in my makeup bag ever since. But why?

ESSENCE  Lash Princess Volume Mascara

I’ve spent two Christmas’s in Germany and each one my boyfriend’s mom has given me a gift card to DM with a cute product attached. That is how I finally ended up with the Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara a.k.a. the orange one. (There’s a version with turquoise font.)

ESSENCE  Lash Princess Volume Mascara

The packaging is simply adorable: hearts and crowns and what looks to me like a corset lace up. I had been wanting to try this for ages but I could never remember which one of the two, orange or turquoise, I had heard good things about.

It was not this one.

ESSENCE  Lash Princess Volume Mascara

The wand caught me off guard. It’s not a curved wand but more an S-shaped wand? Whatever shape it is, it brings with it a lot of product. This picture was taken after I had scraped off a lot of mascara to reveal the shape.

But do you ever get so frustrated with a product you can hardly put together the words to explain why? You just want to say: “It sucks! I don’t like it, nope, not one bit! See you next time!”? Because that is how I am feeling.

It’s wet for one, you must be careful or you will get mascara all over the lid. Initially it does give me decent lift and volume so I thought this could be a good mascara, however it is so wet that it then drags my lashes down. Not throughout the day but minutes later my lashes are drooping, forgetting all the hard work I put into them to curl them beforehand. It’s not easy to remove either, it may start wet but it dries in such a way that I can feel the mascara cling to my micellar soaked cotton round.

Usually mascara gets better with time so I gave it a few weeks to dry down some, but it didn’t. It didn’t dry much and it still didn’t perform. So I just use it for my lower lashes now.

On a personal note: I am finally decorating my apartment! I’ve only been here since October…I am ordering pictures for my twine-line, I put up a poster I’ve had since January, and my friend made me couch pillows (pictures next time). It’s finally finally coming together 🙂


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