Birthday “Haul”

Oakland Athletics wine glasses

Insert a gif of Dr. Evil doing air quotes here. Most people really treat themselves for their birthday and buy the expensive palette on their wishlist, I on the other hand bought a bunch of stuff I’ve been wanting but not really needing. It also helped that Ulta gave me double points all month, was offering 5x points on some products I had an eye on, and their regular double points offer. 

Starting with my new Oakland Athletics stemless wineglasses courtesy of my coworkers. They’re my second team but I love them nonetheless, they combine two of my most favoritest things: baseball and wine. Thanks team!

rimmer lasting finish foundation & rimmel poweder

Rimmer Stay Matte Translucent Powder $4.99

This powder is a staple of my makeup routine and my makeup drawers. There is nothing I can say about it that hasn’t already been said.

Rimmel Lasting Foundation $7.99

I saw this on Drugstore Maven’s Instagram a while ago and had been wanting to try it. Since discovering her she has become probably my favorite because we have the same skin type and she is strictly about the drugstore. After some research I found a lot of love for this product online so I bought mine in 200 Soft Beige. I’ll save my thoughts for its own post but I will say that it only comes in about six shades and that is truly disappointing.

Essence Gel Eyeliner Waterproof $2.99

This is a repurchase and honestly I should have stocked up because this is also an essential for me. Most days I just sightline and this does not transfer, at all. It totally lives up to the Reddit /r/makeupaddiction hype. Now removing it isn’t always easy peasy but I am ok with that because it wears (and glides) so beautifully.

sally big primer nail polish

Essence The Gel Nail Polish $1.99
77 Dreaming of love?

A raspberry type of shade that’s not too bright and just what I am in the mood for. These polishes have a great formula that is the perfect consistency and they come with a great brush that make application a breeze. I wish Ulta carried more of them.

Sally Hanse Big Primer Bag Coat $5.99

I really, really needed a new base coat and decided to upgrade from me dollar Wet N Wild base coat. It promises to make your nails a smooth base for polish and to fill in ridges. Now I’ve tried something like this before and was terribly unimpressed but this delivers. Six dollars is pricey in my opinion but it works so I can live with it.

San Jose Earthquakes promo lim balm

Ok, I didn’t buy this but I wanted to include it. I don’t think I’ve ever said where I live so here you go! The week before my birthday they hosted a pub crawl downtown with three of their players and I was so there! They gave out the usual promo freebies plus this lip balm.

l'oreal infallible foundation & real techniques miracle sponge

L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation $12.99

Just in case the Rimmer foundation didn’t work out I went back and bought another L’Oreal foundation. My current tube is running low and this is the third time I buy this. ‘Nuff said.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge $6.99

It has been over a year since I used a makeup sponge and that was with a foundation I ultimately (better late than never) decided was not for me. This sponge is so loved online I caved and decided to try it, plus I think it might be good for the Rimmer foundation. Fingers crossed.

John Frieda & OGX haircare

OGX Hydrate + Repair Argan Oil of Morocco Creamy Hair Butter Leave In or Rinse Out $8.99

It’s a mouthful and I hope it works. Lately my hair has felt dry and rough, and I’m guessing it’s the heat and the ombré catching up to it. It was between a L’Oreal product and this, and this came with 5x points.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Heat Defeat Protective Spray $6.99

So did this, and my current heat protection spray is running low. Always, always use a heat protector.

Batiste Dry Shampoo $7.99

This may have been  a $5 Marhsall’s purchase but it was in my birthday month so join the party, Batiste. Yet again, if I need to explain this, you need to get out from under your rock.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Secret Weapon Touch-Up Crème $6.99

Back to the hot mess that is my hair…I saw Tati talk about this months ago and while it was probably sponsored I had to try it given the frizzy, fly-away, course thing that I call my hair. It’s supposed to frizzy fly-aways and I so far I can definitely vouch for that. You only need a tiny amount, it smells good, and it reigns in hair.

Hair Clips and Workout Headbands ~$7

Hair clips, can’t have enough hair clips. They are also surprisingly expensive, or at least not cheap, so I used this point-a-palooza to buy them. Also finally bought some headbands designed for working out. They have a silicone gel or something that grips hair so they don’t slide off and are just tight enough. I’ve tried making my own before….so I bought the professionals.

benefit porefessional

Benefit Porefessional Deluxe Sample

All March babies received a deluxe Porefessional sample at Ultra. I had a sample of this ages ago and didn’t care for it, now that I am more knowledgeable about makeup I can’t wait to try it with both foundations mentioned above. I am racking up those Ulta points and I plan to use those toward a good primer.

Dr Bonners bar soap

Dr. Bonner’s Bar Soap in Lavendar $4.69

I picked this up at Target to clean my makeup brushes with. If you recall, I used a Note soap bar for a while to clean brushes but I lost in when I moved and it was a massive block, not easy or ideal to store after use, and I wanted to try the internet favorite: Dr. Bonner’s.

Up & Up Soap case $1

And a pink case to store it in.

Dr. B

Yankee Candle Wax Tarts $1.99 each

Finally, I treated myself to some fancy wax tarts. I adore my wax warmer and wafting the smell of fresh cut roses and lilac blossoms in my small apartment. If you have a Yankee Candle store near you, I highly suggest trying french countryside anything. It’s floral and just feels like home, comfy, lived-in home.

That was longer than I expected but looks like I should have plenty to write about in coming weeks. Happy belated birthday to all the March babies!

Bis gleich!

3 thoughts on “Birthday “Haul”

  1. Happy belated birthday! I always treat myself and go a bit overboard for my birthday hehe… if no one will buy it for me, why not for myself? 😉
    Enjoy your goodies! I’ve heard great things about the Rimmel and the L’Oreal Infallible foundations.

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