Warby Parker Haskell Flash Mirror Collection

The Universe works in mysterious ways. Last weekend I was at my friend’s birthday brunch in Santana Row and afterward we started walking around, popping in and out of shops. One of the shops I wandered into was Warby Parker. Well, woe and behold a few days later there is an email in my inbox from Warby Parker inviting me to help them announce their Haskell Flash Mirror Collection!

If you weren’t ready for summer, you will be after looking at these.

Coincidentally I am in the market for some summer sunglasses, I love you Ray Ban Wayfarers but I need a little variety, so this is great timing.

A quick intro, if like me, you are new to the Warby Parker brand. Warby Parker is an eyeglass (sunglass, prescription, even monocles!) retailer that began online in 2010 and now includes a couple dozen stores. The name itself caught my eye, I find something whimsical and nostalgic about it like something out of Breakfast At Tiffany’s or The Catcher In The Rye, but I digress. What really caught my attention was their buy-one-give-one donation program; for every pair sold a pair is given to someone in need through a non-profit partner.

Right off the bat, they have a store in Santana Row which is like our local version of Rodeo Drive, so you know it’s good.

The spring line is all about their Haskell sunglass frame. Personally, they remind me of my Wayfarers but with personality, with zing, and again like something I picture in The Catcher In The Rye. I think it’s the keyhole bridge, or the versatile and fresh frame.

The new line puts colorful lenses in the Haskell frame, from silver…

To mirrored violet…

To mirrored turquoise.

What about wearing these…

to the ballpark with this… 

Or these…

For a stroll on the beach with this…

(I know it’s wrinkly but I’ve been working late, shhh!)

And no, I did not receive compensation or PR products to write this. But yes, I will be returning to the Santana Row Warby Parker store to buy a pair for the busy summer I have planned. They are fun, they are versatile, they are just in time for my OT paycheck and summer time!

Which pair would you get?


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