My Apartment Decor

apartment decor

In one of my last posts, months ago, I mentioned changing it up and that I wanted to talk just a tad less about makeup and I had just decorated my apartment. It only took me about five months of living here and my friend shaming me for not having couch pillows to get me started. This was back in March I want to say so a few things have changed or I’ve added and that may come in later post but for the most part this is my apartment decor, and on a budget!

apartment decor

Kicking it off with what kicked it off: couch pillows. My friend loves to sew and make her own things and she made three of the four pillows here, the one on the left was perfect as is. We went to Savers and bought four of the plainest pillows we could find and washed them, then we went to Joanne’s Fabrics and picked out some fabrics in the color scheme I wanted (gold, yellow-gold, gray). She took everything home and had these for me the next day!

I have since added a few more pillows courtesy of my mom’s bi-weekly trips to Marshall’s. Thanks mom!

apartment decor

See, one of them is here in the center! Also, a designated couch blanket is essential.

Flowers and candles, they bring any room together. I always have a candle going, recently I’ve switched from Bath & Body Works candles to Yankee Candles but I always have a candle out. The flowers, yes those are cotton rounds in the vase…I bought a plain vase from Savers for $3 and a bouquet of peonies from Dollar Tree (plus old IKEA daisy), since this I have replaced the cotton rounds with beach sand from a recent trip to Lake Tahoe.

Above the couch I hung two pieces of thick twine and used paper clips to hang pictures of: trips, my boyfriend, my dearest friends, and a few of myself. Sorry not sorry.

apartment decor

My coffee table from Ikea. You can sort of see the Dollar Tree peonies.

My iPad is usually chilling here, occasionally my work laptop, my laptop on the lower shelf, flowers, candle. I collect coasters from neat restaurants, trips, and breweries so you will always find brewery coasters hanging around.

apartment decor

My apartment is tile in the kitchen and bathroom and hardwood everywhere else so an area rug was a must. My mom bought this from Target I think and it’s the most expensive thing in this post. This is the exact color scheme I was aiming for but the white parts are starting to get dirty. If anyone knows how I can clean/wash it without taking it to the dry cleaners, please let me know.

apartment decor

My bookshelf, my love. My books are super important to me for a myriad of reasons. The top shelf isn’t falling like that, it’s a camera thing.

apartment decor

A couple of trinkets on my shelf. A matryoshka doll I bought at a country fair ages ago and some souvenirs from South Africa (which Facebook reminded me was nine years ago now!)

apartment decor

My kitchen is small and not really decorated, it’s cabinets on either side and a spice rack on the wall, but I do have a wine area! A tray, red wine glasses, white whine glasses, my Oakland A’s stemless glasses and a small jar filled with lavender? My mom left it there, I’m leaving it there. The two wine bottles are gifts that I am too sentimental to drink and between them is a San Jose Sharks Chum Red Ale bottle. I didn’t know if that beer was LE or not so I saved a bottle, because sentimentality.

apartment decor

Above that is this poster I got at work. I really like it.

apartment decor

I found some more decent looking flowers at Dollar Tree, tulips this time, and I put them on my tiny dining table. Yup, that is a beer glass with wine corks that at this point I am too lazy to change. And of course my wax warmer which is also one of my favorite pieces in here, I turn it on almost every single day. Thanks again mom for the Big Lots find!

apartment decor

A more flattering picture with one of my bakes. Forgot that I mixed the peonies and the tulips.

I have to decorate my room really and at this point I don’t know if it will ever happen but that’s ok because I’m barely in there except to sleep. Maybe soon I’ll have a small update, I have put up a few more posters and whatnot.

Bis gleich!



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