DIY Highlighter Rose

diy highlighter rose

The saying goes “Better late than never!” and late I am with this floral trend. Is it even a trend still? Months back Lancôme introduced their La Rôse Blush Poudre and it was stunning and makeup lovers fawned over it and then they fainted at the price tag of a mere $60. Lancôme was selling a paper flower covered in powdered blush inside a cardboard box that probably isn’t very practical for $60…yeah, no. People quickly made their own, more affordable versions at home and today I am sharing with you how I made my highlighter version of it.

By “people” I mean the creative community that is r/MakeupAddiction on Reddit, I saw a few of their posts before giving it a try myself. Lancôme launched a trend with blush but people have also used bronzer and highlighter, creativity!

diy highlighter rose

The Supplies

  • Rubbing alcohol $2
  • Spray bottle (I emptied and cleaned a travel size hair spray) $1
  • A highlighter $3
  • Fake flowers (Dollar Tree!) $1
  • Ziploc bag
  • Empty jar/holder

Warning, the following may be graphic for makeup lovers!!

diy highlighter rose

Step 1

Place highlighter in the Ziploc bag with a bit of air. I went with this $3 highlighter from E.L.F., it’s blindingly gorgeous but I never reached for it.

Step 2

Crush it. With the butt of a butter knife I crushed it enough to get it out of the compact, moved the powder to a corner of the bag and kept crushing. RIP E.L.F. highlighter.

diy highlighter rose

Step 3

Spritz your flower with the alcohol and spritz it good. You want to get in every nook and cranny, every petal saturated top and bottom. And repeat for good measure. You want every part of it wet with alcohol so the highlighter powder to grab on and stick. You may need to shake the flower of excess alcohol or pat it dry a tad, we want it wet but we don’t want unseemly chunks of powder hanging around.

diy highlighter rose

Step 4

Place the flower in the bag, open side so that it has most contact with the powder. Now gently shake it, turn it, manipulate the powder onto the desired areas, shake the excess powder into to the nooks and crannies. Use every last ounce of the powder, pack it onto petals, you didn’t smash it for nothing.

Step 5

Open the bag and let the flower dry, this could take a good minute. If you’re feeling brave, reach in for it and place it on a dry paper towel.

diy highlighter rose

Step 6


How pretty are these? I used the biggest one for this project and put the rest in a vase for my living room.

diy highlighter rose

The Final Result

Your very own highlighter flower for less than $10.  I put mine in an empty candle jar a friend gave me for Christmas so I gifted the whole to her!

I didn’t try it myself but she used it as soon as I gave it to her and it worked pretty well! Once the petals wear off she can still reach between them into the nooks and crannies to pick up more product. Practicality was never the name of the game but we saved $50 and if anything it will look cute on any vanity or makeup corner.

Have you tried this yet? Or the original by Lancôme?


One thought on “DIY Highlighter Rose

  1. I did see those and was like nope that is an expensive flower! The scent of roses though is my weakness and this looks like a neat thing to try I might just have to. Thanks for sharing!


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