Review | Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water for Waterproof Makeup

garnier waterproof micellar water

When micellar waters first hit the American market and grew in popularity I was beside myself with excitement. Then they released variations and I was unsure but curious and decided to try one, the Garnier one for waterproof makeup. At the time I also said I’d start using waterproof makeup hence why I bought it, that did not happen. What did happen was that I hated it, I used it all but I hated it.

garnier waterproof micellar water

Let’s jump right in.

The bottle itself looks like all other Garnier micellar waters but blue. What sets it apart are the two liquids within, not visible in this empty bottle, that need to be shaken together to work much like many other makeup removers. That should have been red flag number one. The point of micellar water is a no hassle, one stop shop for removing makeup so what gives?

It says it can remove waterproof makeup, cleanse, refresh and that it contains no oil. It claims there is no need to rinse nor is there an oily residue. Hmmm, let me unpack that.

garnier waterproof micellar water

Removes Makeup

Sure, it removes makeup but no better than my previous micellars. I followed directions and shook the bottle and soaked a cotton round and still the cotton round on my skin felt dry and I attribute that to the formula. If you have used something like the Neutrogena Oil-Free Makeup Remover or a cleansing oil I can tell you this feels closer to that than to a normal micellar water.

Cleanse and Refresh

This is a hard N-O from me. Whether removing makeup or wiping my face after a workout this always left a residue, an oil-like film on my skin. I feel like I need a cleanser to cleanse this and certainly do not feel refreshed, I feel worse.

No Oily Residue

Big. Fat. NO. There may be no oil in this so technically it’s not an “oily residue” but it sure feels oily. After using this, well read the section above.

Admittedly I did not use this with waterproof mascara and I cannot vouch for that but even if I had I still would not be fond of the residue and after feeling. I really did not like this product but it did it’s most basic job so I used it all, after that I will not purchase this again.

To me micellar water is, again, a one stop shop. To me, this is not.


On a personal note: I have started volunteering with a local organization! I have been looking for organizations that benefit my community and area, and one in which I can use and grow some of skills for a future job. It is so exciting!

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